Netgear Orbi: Stronger and faster WiFi to every inch of your home

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How many devices do you have connected to the WiFi in your home? We have too many! The average is about 12 devices per household. I have been frustrated so many times because our current system just doesn’t hold up! There’s endless dropped connections, dead spots and incessant buffering. I have 3 kiddies and I work mostly online so we’re ALWAYS using the WiFi…

My boys are addicted to YouTube. I know for a fact that every single 4WD, camping, fishing, Hilux video has been consumed by my boys. They are always deep in to a video explaining the ins and outs of how certain tyres work better with Hilux vehicles. My little kid is also usually watching some sort of “gaming hack” or “fail” video. We don’t do toys anymore, we do WiFi!

I am also online for the majority of the day. Blogging, sharing, creating… it’s all done online. Once the sun goes down my husband and I switch to Netflix and there is nothing more annoying than the buffering if the kids are still watching their videos on rotation.

NETGEAR is taking a stand against bad WiFi with the launch of the Orbi WiFi. Check this out! Last week I was sent the World’s First Tri-Band Home WiFi System. From your front yard to your home office, to your back yard, Orbi gives you reliable, secure, stronger and faster WiFi to every inch of your home. I couldn’t wait to get this up and running. And it’s not hard, I promise, it’s just a plug in, a quick pair and you’re off! My 12 year old set this all up for me in a flash.

The promise

No more deadzones – deadzones and dropped connections through walls are a thing of the past with Orbi. It can reach up to 350 square metres through
traditional WiFi barriers like walls, stairs and doors using dedicated Tri-Band technology.

Don’t wait on buffering – buffering shouldn’t be a part of movie night. Orbi helps prevent buffering and lag by creating a high speed Internet superhighway for all of your devices. The Orbi Tri-Band WiFi System works with your current ISP’s modem to maximize the speed you are paying for, to every inch of your home and beyond.

Quick and easy setup – Orbi works with your Internet service provider right out of the box without needing to change your current equipment.

Innovative Tri-Band technology – Orbi is the only Home WiFi System using dedicated Tri-Band technology. Other, first generation WiFi systems use dual band and mesh technology which can slow down your WiFi speed as you add more devices, or even more mesh units.

Extend your coverage – more coverage can be provided by adding an Orbi. Satellite to instantly further expand your system’s reach.

Sleek design – the Orbi is not your standard WiFi router and is the ideal piece of tech for the most stunningly designed homes.

So I plugged one in to my existing modem in my home office, then located the 2nd device closer to where the kids will often sit in another lounge room. This way, the WiFi becomes more accessible from different parts of our home. We’ve been using it now for almost a week and I can absolutely guarantee we’ve had no lost coverage, lagging or buffering. I am serious! What a change this has made to our daily internet usage. I have asked the kids repeatedly “is it lagging??” and they all say NOPE! We don’t have the NBN here at our house – we aren’t that lucky yet, so this has really been a big benefit to us!

If you’d like to find out more on how you can get your hands on the Netgear Orbi then click through to here for more information.

WIN – Take the Orbi WiFi Challenge

Stop living with terrible WiFi and do something about it! Tell us all about your WiFi woes for a chance to win a free Orbi kit – the more creative, the better! NETGEAR is giving away 10 free Orbi kits and you could WIN your very own! It’s really easy to enter – just enter your details here

Good luck! ♥ KC.

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