Neon art for your home

Are you looking for a fun, quirky way to refresh a room – perhaps add an element of the unexpected? Have you thought about neon art? Neon art lights have been popping up in interior magazines and blogs for a while now and I would love to add one in my home. Maybe one of the boy’s bedrooms or outside by the pool? Your options really are only limited by your creativity and imagination! Available in a huge range of shapes, words and colours – you could even get one custom designed for you to match your style!

In Australia you can purchase neon art for your home from Electric Confetti  and Neon PoodleBoth companies offer a wide selection of pre-made lights and offer a custom design service. Here are some cool ideas you could do in your home, store or your next event!

I really love this idea. A bold statement piece used as a bed head! Very cool. Via Electric Confetti

Sometimes even the most simplest of shapes can make a big impact. Via Neon Poodle

This custom piece was designed by Electric Confetti and sent all the way to the USA. It’s a little bit sassy and a great addition to this space. Via A Beautiful Mess

Oh La La indeed! Via Inside Out

Kip and Co’s collaboration with Electric Confetti was banana’s ha! Maybe I could get a banana for one of the boys? Via @hailandshine

I love how this Neon art is subtle and not the main feature of the room. White on white works well and gives a more softer feel. Via My Domaine

You know what is bugging me the most? Yep – those cords! I would have to work out a way to hide them. Too messy – you know how I feel about cords! Ah, but that’s the look isn’t it? I’d survive haha!

♥ KC.

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