Listening or talking?


Are you listening or are you just waiting for your turn to talk?

My bestie was telling me about this quote last year. I hadn’t actually heard it before… I mean, I knew it was common courtesy to listen, but the quote was ringing in my ears…. “waiting to talk?” I have probably been guilty of this. I felt a little annoyed with myself and wondered how many times had I done this??

Have you thought about how often you might interrupt someone? Are you just waiting for them to pause in a conversation because you have something to say? Do you finish someone else’s sentences? Do you always bring the conversation back to you??

About a year ago I decided to never ever forget this quote and I have been REALLY taking note of my actions and my voice when someone else is talking. I’ve learnt a lot I think.

I’ve found myself in so many conversations recently and in my head I am silencing that inner monologue. The thing is, I’m am always thinking about what is next or what else I have to get done. However, I have realised that once I calm myself and really listen, I am forging better friendships and relationships, rather than trying to run on to the next thing… It felt good and I am sure it’s been appreciated.

Seems so simple.

I’ve also been listening to how other people wait to talk. It’s really jumped out at me now that I seem to so much more aware of it. I feel like I want to print up this quote on a business card and hand it to them, with a little shrug of my shoulders.

I have always got a lot of conversation, I love to talk! But I have been trying to tone it down a little. Are all my words necessary, or just ramble schmable?

Try it out! When you’re in a group next time also see if you can spot people who already get this quote? You’ll also notice some people are just so good at listening.

Hands up if you are guilty of being the talker?


  • Ness - lifeinourbluehouse

    I love this quote! When you really listen you are so much more present in the moment, and for the conversation. It feels good to be really listened to, and to really listen! x

  • Helen

    WOW, I can’t believe the timing of this post…I have been feeling as though I have been doing this lately !! Just last night I was on the phone to a girlfriend and felt myself doing it thinking I really must stop doing it ! Note to self : Wait for my turn to talk ! Thank you for this – I needed it !!! Now where is the gaffe tape ?!!!!!! 😉

  • Jody White

    ❤️ this!

  • Parisgirl

    Oh the shame…guilty as charged.

  • Christine

    Yes I will admit that I am guilty as well. Thank you for sharing the quote. I am now going to be more aware of it.

  • Christine Cory

    A good post! I think if a lot of people were honest with themselves then most would be guilty of this at some stage in their lives.

  • Kl

    Guilty as charged. I listened. Thanks for excellent awareness post.

  • Jay Kaye

    Oh this is my pet hate and even more so when I catch myself doing it.

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