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Kip & Co + Jessica Rowe ask – R U OK?


We all know and love Kip & Co – known for their vibrant and edgy bed linen. And now we have another good reason to love them! In 2015, Kip & Co have collaborated with media personality and mental health advocate, Jessica Rowe, to design a cushion to further promote mental health awareness and the important work of R U OK?


R U OK? was founded in 2009 with a vision to encourage people to realise that asking a little question can make a big difference to those struggling with life. Six years on, the organisation continues to be one of the biggest champions for mental health awareness.


“I’m passionate about raising the awareness of mental health issues having myself suffered from depression and anxiety. We still don’t talk enough about mental illness and I feel strongly about sharing our stories and breaking down the stigma of having a mental illness”, said Jessica Rowe.


“We just wanted to support the simple concept of saying thank you. Thank you, for stepping up and being somebody for someone. We hope people pay it forward and thank someone who has made a difference to them”, said Kip & Co co-founder Alex.


100% of profits go to R U OK? to help future campaigns and programs to promote conversations about mental health all year round.

R U OK? Day is on 10 September.

You can buy your own cushion here!

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