Introducing the NEW 2015 IKEA Catalogue

Introducing the 2015 IKEA Catalogue, celebrating the bedroom and the bathroom!

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IKEA has released it’s new catalogue today. Hope you can get your hands on one? I received one a couple of weeks ago and it’s a beauty. So many new and cool items.

IKEA loves the everyday and they are committed to making everyday life at home better. The 2015 IKEA catalogue focuses on the bedroom and the bathroom, where every day begins and ends.

The bedroom and bathroom serve our everyday needs. This is where we get dressed and refresh in the morning and undress and recharge in the evening. What we do is similar; how we do it is different.
“Of course a good night’s sleep is a persons most basic need, but our bathrooms and bedrooms are the rooms where we wind down from the day, contemplate, relax and take care of ourselves” says Kristin Bengtsson, Country Marketing Manager for IKEA Australia.

People want their homes to reflect who they are. The IKEA Catalogue aims to inspire IKEA customers to furnish and decorate in the way they wish to live, rather than following trends and conventions. It contains unexpected ideas of how to make your home more personal and explores new ideas for how living spaces can support our ever-changing lives. For the growing number of people living in smaller and shared spaces, multifunctional furniture and innovative storage solutions are key. When you can’t make your living space bigger – make it work better!

Check out some styled rooms below from inside the catalogue…

In addition to sharing solutions for a more sustainable life at home, a major milestone has been reached – the IKEA Catalogue is now the largest print production ever to be printed on 100% FSC® certified paper.

To see the full range of new products, styles and inspirations for a better everyday life at home, visit your local IKEA store or


  • Bruno Bertucci

    I got mine in my letterbox yesterday. So many new goodies!!!

  • Tarryn McKenzie

    Emma Burgess

  • Kerrie Gardner

    Can’t wait til I get mine!

  • Casey Paton

    Kate E. Cronin!!!!!!!!!

  • Michaele Jones

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Katrina Messervy

  • Kate E. Cronin

    Woohoo i know where we’ll be having our next catch up Casey Paton

  • Rachael Griffin

    Very exciting I was waiting for the release of revamped Billy bookcase corner unit in white I didn’t see it 🙁

  • Penny Webb

    I squealed when I saw it on my front doorstep yesterday. Have made a cup of tea and am spending the next hour poring over it. I’m a bit nuts like that. Love it!

  • Terri Cook

    I want a catalogue pls

  • Bri

    LOVE the day the new IKEA catalogue is released! When I was living in the country years ago I didn’t receive one so I drove to my grandmother’s house 250km away just to get my hands on it!

  • Tracy

    Look forward to the Ikea catalogue every year. Thanks for the heads up, we used to get in there mail box but might have to head in to Ikea tomorrow to see if they have it in store.

  • The Urban Mum

    Popped into IKEA today, thanks for the heads up. Loving the new look stuff, they always seem to nail good style at great prices. Monique x

  • Kl

    Thanks for the notification Katrina. Love viewing their new catalogue! It’s downloadable too for those that can’t wait to get a hardcopy…making a cupa and charging the iPad now!

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