I started a new drug

I started a new drug during the week… It went well! But today I just can’t seem to wake up. Maybe it’s just my body adjusting to a new thing, or could be from the sedation I had with a colonoscopy too. Plus the travelling to Sydney. It’s not ideal to be starting an immuno-suppressant drug during COVID times, but I’ve just got to go with it! My scope showed pretty yucky results. I won’t share those gory details! But I feel ok generally. I compare myself to pre-bag and I’m feeling WAY better than those days! I’ve been keeping my symptoms in check by monitoring my diet, using low-tox where I can and keeping up with the CBD oil. This is not new for me, just another thing I add to the list.

I’m doing Stelara. I haven’t had this drug before. I’ve got some symptoms that I always think I am fine to manage, but my tests tell me I need to control them better, otherwise we head down the path of bigger problems.

Onwards we go…

You can read lots about my Crohn’s here.

♥ KC.

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