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I can’t live without these supplements

For about 12 months I’d been following the Happy Hormones Facebook group. This is run by Lisa Curry. Head over there and check it out. I have no association with them, nor is this paid. Just sharing the love!

I’d read hundreds and hundreds of success stories from women with multiple issues – like sleep, hot flushes, skin problems, anxiety, weight gain… Ladies were raving about all the Happy Hormones products. Eventually I caved and decided to try some.

I started with the Happy Hormones tablets and the Happy Turmeric. Without boring you with all my issues (and there’s always something with my immune system that triggers something else!)… I wanted them for mainly mood and hormonal imbalance (which kept giving me hot flushes – I’m not perimenopausal because I’ve had that checked at the doctor’s – more just to help with general hormonal symptoms) and I wanted something for my ongoing inflammation problems in my knees/feet/ankles.

Anyhoo, you take a test online and then products are recommended.

I started on the Happy Hormones. Admittedly I had quite a hiccup with it in the start and I reached out to one of their nurses and she chatted me through a few things. I stopped taking them for a bit and then decided to halve my dose for a while, but I wanted to keep going with it.

I initially started in mid-July, but I think I’ve been solidly back on them for 6 weeks now.

The verdict – extremely good.

My hot flushes have stopped. My moods feel really good. I sleep great (I also use these though).

I always kept going with the Happy Turmeric. I take a 15ml shot of it each morning. My inflammation has reduced dramatically. There was a full week there where I got so busy and forgot to order another batch and in that whole week my left knee was puffy. I had some reflexology done during that week and I never said a word to the lady but she said I had a “heavy left side” Ha!

Ok, so Happy Hormones for hot flushes and moods. TICK. Happy Turmeric for inflammation. TICK.

Then my next problem was gut imbalance. I knew I needed something. While my Crohn’s is pretty good at the moment, I am very aware that it can change at any moment, so proactive gut health is my main priority. I decided to get super dooper consistent with taking PB Assist daily. I feel like the gut imbalance was also contributing to hot flushes.

And that’s it! Just 3 supplements I have now decided I can’t live without.

♥ KC.

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