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How to Paint Aluminium Window Frames

Got ugly aluminium window frames?



Here’s how you paint them!

  1. Clean the frames (get in the cracks!).
  2. Take out the sliding window if you can so you can get all of the frame entirely.
  3. Tape everything. This is super important! Take your time doing that correctly because it’s saves clean up. Tip – I always tape 1m off the edge so I don’t miss any bits with the spray. I can run a knife down to clean up at the end, but can’t re-spray if the tape covered the frame accidentally!
  4. Lightly sand.
  5. Use an enamel paint. This one is touch dry in about 30 mins so I can coat quickly.
  6. Rip off your tape and enjoy your white, bright frames!

Here’s a short video I created to see how easy it is…


(I painted the architrave here too because it needed it!)

Yes, you can do outside too. I’m doing all of my house, inside and out!

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