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How to keep the garden looking beautiful with not much time on your hands!

Brought to you by Scotts Australia.

I love my garden, it’s not massive which is easy to control, but I don’t really have enough time to spend lots of time on it. Neither does my husband. With kids who play a lot of weekend sport we don’t nearly spend as much time in our backyard as we’d like to!

Last week Osmocote sent me some boost and feed goodies so I could literally throw on my garden to give it a lift. Of course Bear my dog loves to pose when the camera comes out. He was giving it his seal of approval!

I threw Osmocote® Plus Trace Elements on the roots of my huge Jasmine star vine and then again a few handfuls in to my potted ficus plants. This is a set and forget controlled release plant food for those who don’t have the time or inclination to tend to each plant or garden bed individually. The smart way to fertilise – one application feeds continuously for up to 12 months. Absolutely love this product! So easy.

Next came out the Osmocote® Boost+Feed All Plant Types which you simply hook up to your hose and start watering! This could not be easier. No mixing quantities or worrying if it’s too potent to burn your plants. It’s an easy to use unique formula that is carefully balanced to provide plants with essential nutrients for optimum growth. Its double action works through the roots and leaves, so your plants absorb nutrients within minutes. I sprayed directly on my roses and hedges.

My husband used the last half on some little hedges near our pool area we’d not long planted.

If you want to boost up your outdoor plants with little effort then visit Scotts to find out more or pick up at your local Bunnings or garden shop.

♥ KC.

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