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How to get traffic to your blog using Instagram


Photos are very popular on social networks. They tend to drive the most engagement on popular websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram is not like Facebook or Twitter where you can add a link to your comments to ask people to click to visit your website/blog, so you need to be a little more creative to get traffic.

So, how do you successfully get people to click on your blog after seeing an Instagram picture?

1. Make sure you have your blog/website domain name clearly displayed in your Instagram profile. Even mention that you are a blogger.

2. Post ‘teaser’ photos or snippets of what’s on your blog that day. Some people don’t like to do this, and that’s ok because I know they like to keep their Instagram solely for ‘real’ photos. BUT, it works for me and I know people will click my domain name from the profile to see what else is on my blog that day. In my teaser photo I always lead in with a sentence like “Come and see … on my blog today!” This gets people’s attention and reminds them that I blog almost every day.  Use this as a call to action and a way to entice your readers to want to see more.

3. Create a hashtag which goes hand-in-hand with your blog. Make it easy – like #onkatrinasblog. On Instagram, hashtags are probably even more important than on Twitter – if you’ve used Instagram before, you’ve probably noticed how most picture descriptions contain several hashtags, and in many cases no other description. That’s because that’s how most pictures are discovered – by looking up various hashtags. I have my own hashtag for photos of my home – #katrinashome. So if you want to look at an entire library of my home, you can see them in one click. The same would go for your blog or website.

4. Highlight some of your blog for the week in a photo collage with a ‘weekly round-up’. You might decide to just add one photo a week, but make it a collage to highlight anything people have missed.

5. Watermark your photos with your domain name. This will tell people instantly where to see more and where to find you. There are apps which can help you do this.

Make sure you use Instagram often. Just like your blog ‘brand’, make sure your Instagram has it’s own overall feel. Delete photos which don’t suit your style. I always have a quick glance over my feed and make sure if someone lands on my page for the first time will they be able to get the feel for what my account will be like. I’m pretty fussy with my photos and lots never make “the cut”!


Quick tip: How do you get your photos from your blog to your Instagram account?

1. Email photos to yourself and save them to your gallery/camera roll via your phone’s email. Then easily add them to Instagram.

2. Open your blog on your phone, then hold/click the photos and save to your gallery/camera roll.

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Hope I’ve given you some new tips today! ♥ KC.


  • Megan Reading

    Melissa Costello, thought this might help with your webpage

  • Melissa Costello

    Thanks Megan

  • Seana Smith

    Hello Katrina, this is handy… I’ve let Instagram go for a while as I can’t seem to manage to run all social media channels and the blog… one day I will work really hard at it and will return to check this post out. I have loads of photos I posted long ago and would love to delete now so off to google how to do that!

    • katrinachambers

      I have Instagram to be a huge benefit to my blog! You would be great at it and have heaps of cool photos 🙂

  • Catherine

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been wondering how I can better use Instagram 🙂

  • Megan Reading

    Melissa this post might help for Kel’s tours

  • Monique@TheUrbanMum

    As always; brilliant advice. Will keep at this till I get it down pat. Keep these great posts coming!x

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    I love instagram, thanks for sharing you handy tips, I love reading them, especially about blogging. I have learnt so much from your posts. Thanks xo

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