How to fix outdated decor trends in your home

It feels like just yesterday we were gushing over Scandi inspired homes and now we are lusting over Boho chic. Home decor trends are ever-changing making it hard to keep up. While we don’t need to keep up with every trend that comes along, it is nice to be able to pick a few pieces to add to our homes, allowing a little creativity and imagination. Here are 5 decor trends that are ending, and how you can fix them.


Goodbye Minimalism – Hello Modern Glam

Bare white walls and open spaces will easily be transformed with the addition of a few bold pieces that will stand out against all the white.  Add a textured patterned rug, an oversized piece of artwork and some accent metallic decor pieces to take your home from minimal to glam.


Goodbye Accent Walls – Hello Texture

Accent walls whether they be painted or wallpapered make a home look tired and dated. To freshen up your space, try using some texture such as cladding, grass cloth or silk to your walls for a modern and fresh update.


Goodbye Rose Gold – Hello Earthy Metallics

Earthy metallics will give depth and interest to your home. The neutral undertones of earthy metallics are much easy to match with other pieces in your home and add a touch of sophistication and glam. The pink tones of rose gold are much harder to work with.


Goodbye Industrial Appliances – Hello Concealed Appliances

I am a big fan of concealed appliances in a new kitchen. Exposed dishwashers and fridges look so out of place in modern kitchens and can really distract from the overall look. If you can conceal your dishwasher behind a panel that matches your kitchen, please do. Leave exposed appliances for industrial themed kitchens.


Goodbye Barnhouse Chic – Hello Boho and Indoor Plants

Barnhouse chic is an easy one to fix. Work with your raw timber, add some texture with rugs, wall hangings and cushions. Add life to the space with an array of indoor plants in baskets and pots. The trick here is to use a modern colour palette of plum, mustard and bluey hues with hints of Aztec patterns.

What style trends are you trying to fix in your home?

♥ KC.

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