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How to choose tiles

Here’s a simple guide to help you find your perfect tile combination:

1. Whether you’re into the Hamptons, contemporary, earthy eco, or minimalist modern, there’s a style for everyone. If you don’t know your style, write down some colours you love.

2. Start by selecting 4 tiles that catch your eye. You need a feature tile, a floor tile, a wall tile, and one wildcard tile that you love but aren’t sure where to place yet.

3. Decide on your feature tile first. This should be the tile you adore the most and will set the tone for your space. It’s perfect for making a statement on a wall. If you don’t want a feature tile go to the next step.

4. Next, choose your floor tile. You can get creative here with patterns, textures, or veins. Remember, your floor can also be your feature, making your choice even more impactful!

5. To tie your feature and floor tiles together, select a tonal tile. Opt for something plain that complements both to create a seamless look. It could just be as simple as white.

6. Lay out your tiles to see how they work together. This visual arrangement can help you make final adjustments before you decide.

7. Consider your wildcard tile. Could it replace any of the first three choices to better suit another room, like an ensuite, powder room, or laundry?

💡 By focusing on these four tiles, you can build a cohesive look that flows beautifully throughout your home. The 4th tile is flexible, so play around with options until everything clicks!

🔗 Don’t overthink it! Sometimes the simplest choices make the biggest impact.

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