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How to Choose the Perfect White Paint for the Interior of Your Home

White is anything but bland. It’s the perfect base to allow your furniture and décor pieces sing within your home.

But finding the right white paint for your home can be hard. The wrong white paint can make a room darker or throw off the visual look of a room if it’s not how you imagined.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect white paint for the interior of your home.

Consider the Existing Surfaces

The biggest surface area in a room is usually the floor. Find a white paint which will contrast with the floor nicely. Warm floor tones work with cooler whites and darker floor coverings (with blue undertones) work with warm whites.

Test the paint

Test a sample of your white paint on the walls before deciding on your choice. Paint samples on a few different walls in your home to see how the light bounces off each in the room. See how the samples work throughout the course of the day. Undertones from the flooring as well as lighting, shadows and furnishings can affect the colour, so test accordingly to get your decision right throughout your house.

Choose low sheens for walls and ceilings, high sheen for smaller spaces

A low sheen white paint is ideal for walls and ceilings as it’s less reflective and softer on the eyes. It can camouflage wall imperfections too.

Use high sheen in the bathroom and kitchen as it’s easier to clean and offers a gleam that works well in these spaces.

Bright white can set off feature walls

You may decide to add a feature wall for visual effect in a large space. Bright white can work well to make your feature wall standout.

Best white in homes with natural light

If your house has a lot of natural light, ie skylights and a lot of large windows, it will benefit from a cool white or a white with a darker undertone.

Cool whites have a grey undertone and are popular in modern houses.

Best white for homes with little natural light

Traditional or older homes tend to have more internal walls and be boxed in. They are rarely open plan or have skylights to allow natural light in. If your home is dark inside, choose warmer whites which will lighten the space, visually.

If you don’t know which white to choose, then I’ve put together a list of the BEST WHITE PAINTS.

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