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How to Bring a Hotel Escape to the Home Bedroom with Luxury Sheets

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A hotel escape can be an exciting experience when you jump into a freshly made bed with luxurious sheets.

But why wait for a trip away when you can create the same indulgence at home? It’s a heck of a lot cheaper and can be enjoyed time and time again when you retreat to your bed in your own home.

Last year was a shocker for local travel with border closures and restrictions so it makes sense to turn your bedroom into hotel retreat because we spend a lot of time there.

Here are some tips to bring a hotel escape to the home bedroom.

1. Clear the clutter

When you check into a hotel room, the first thing you notice is the lack of clutter and the minimal placement of furniture and furnishings in the room. Create the same vibe in your room by decluttering the bedsides, the floor and that corner chair you chuck your half-day worn clothes on.

2. Create ambience

Lighting, scents and styling can add ambience to a room. Natural light is best during the day and lamps can be used at night.

Make a habit of diffusing oils in the room an hour before you retreat at night to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for sleep. Hotel rooms will usually have a light scent from preparing the room for your stay.

A made up-styled bed is such a welcoming sight. The ritual of removing the decorative cushions and peeling the quilt and sheet layers helps with the relaxation process for your body to go into sleep mode.

3. Luxury sheets are a must

Crisp, smooth, freshly laundered sheets are the BEST. Who doesn’t love clean sheet day?! But not all bed sheets are the same. After much use and laundering, sheets can become thin and pill, which is the complete opposite of a hotel sheet experience!

That new, fresh feeling you experience in a hotel is all about the sheet choice. Hotel sheets are of a high quality for their durability, feel and look.

You can have this luxurious quality in your own home with Bespoke 1200TC Egyptian cotton sheets.

Thread count is important as is the material choice to have that crisp, silky surface. An elasticized flat sheet which can be pulled taut to create an even, smooth surface is what brings hotel luxury to an everyday bedroom mattress. 

Egyptian cotton is the material of choice for its smooth and durable properties. You will get a lot of wear out of your sheets plus you will wake up in a cocoon of indulgence and who doesn’t want that everyday?!

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