House Rules: The Rundown Queenslander

How great was it watching the House Rules gang transform the run down Queenslander? For me it was right up my alley as I am a huge fan of the weatherboard house with the deck and floorboards!

Each couple ended up with about 3 zones. Last night we saw Cassie and Matt go home as the judges eliminated them – they scored 16/20 for their combined kitchen, bedroom and front yard.

Here are all the photos…
Cassie-Matt autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_kitchen1_1aopdrf-1aopdro autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_kitchen2_1aopdrf-1aopdrr autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_kidsbedroom1_1aopdij-1aopdit autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_kidsbedroom3_1aopdij-1aopdj1 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_kidsbedroom9_1aopdij-1aopdjg autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior5_1_1aope47-1aope4e autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior5_3_1aope47-1aope4j

I wasn’t a huge fan of their work this week. The kitchen got a little overwhelming but their front yard was great.


Ben and Danielle scored 20/20. I love these 2. Danielle is the queen of lace and never ever wears anything without a touch of lace. Cracks me up. Danielle’s style is getting better over the weeks.

Ben-Danielle autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_guestbedroom1_1aopajd-1aopajk autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_guestbedroom2_1aopajd-1aopajn autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_guestbedroom4_1aopajd-1aopajr autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_bathroom2_1aopa8u-1aopa97 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_bathroom4_1aopa8u-1aopa9d autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_reardeck1_1aopb5q-1aopb60 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_reardeck2_1aopb5q-1aopb63 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_reardeck3_1aopb5q-1aopb65 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_reardeck5_1aopb5q-1aopb69

The guest bedroom was perfect (minus the wallpaper!). I loved the outdoor area. It was my style for sure. I have saved that BBQ area for future reference here at home! 😉


Bronik and Corrine also scored 20/20. I might be missing something here, but I just can’t get in to their style. I didn’t like the couch and strange wallpaper wall? Did you?

Bronik-Corrine autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_livingroom1_1aopco8-1aopcoe autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_livingroom4_1aopco8-1aopcol autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_livingroom6_1aopco8-1aopcop autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_livingroom9_1aopco8-1aopcp1 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_showerroom1_1aopd0u-1aopd12 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_showerroom7_1aopd0u-1aopd1h autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_showerroom6_1aopd0u-1aopd1f autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior4_1_1aopd8d-1aopd8n autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior4_3_1aopd8d-1aopd8r

The outdoor shower was a winner though. That was a good idea and sat perfectly in the corner.


Steve and Tiana scored 18/20 with their master bedroom, verandah, laundry and backyard play area.

Steve-Tiana autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_masterbedroom1_1aopbsa-1aopbsm autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_masterbedroom2_1aopbsa-1aopbsp autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_verandah1_1aopc68-1aopc6e autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_verandah2_1aopc68-1aopc6g autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_laundry1_1aopblq-1aopbm1 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_laundry4_1aopblq-1aopbm9 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior3_1_1aopcf4-1aopcf8 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior3_2_1aopcf4-1aopcfb

They did a pretty good job I thought. Although the home is to be a holiday house, I still think they should have put a built in wardrobe in the master?? There was plenty of space for it.


Ryan and Marley scored 17/20 with the dining room, carport, front entrance and deck. These 2 are such a good team. They never seem to be exhausted! Their paving was a great asset to the house.

Ryan-Marlee autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior1_1_1aop9s5-1aop9sd autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior1_7_1aop9s5-1aop9sq autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_exterior1_8_1aop9s5-1aop9ss dining_room_1aop7un-1aop7vb autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_dining1_1aop7uf-1aop7vd autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_dining2_1aop7uf-1aop7vf autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_frontdeck1_1aop99s-1aop9a3 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_frontdeck2_1aop99s-1aop9a5 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_entry1_1aop91t-1aop925 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_entry2_1aop91t-1aop927 autv_hr3_ep30_gallery_entry3_1aop91t-1aop929

The entrance wasn’t fab and they could have done so much more with the space. I guess all that paving took up a lot of their time. I’d also be painting those yellow doors!

What did you think of the house? Did you enter the draw to win? I have entered too many times hahaha!

♥ KC.


  • Shari Chapman

    Love it! The outside is beautiful! The interior had a few things I’d change if I was living there permanently but ok for a holiday stay 😉

  • Angela Mula

    I wish they would share the exterior house colour!

  • Anita Lane

    You’re spot on with all your comments. The kitchen needed overhead cupboards to keep the dust off of the cricket u when it’s a holiday home brief. I’m not liking the new found sneakiness of Ryan and Marley. Picking up where Brian left off.

  • WAM Home Decor

    Absolutely love the colours, very relaxing and perfect for a holiday home. So good, they included lots of space for lazing about. Loads of cushions on sofas and seating to make the place extra comfy. Great job, wish we could stay there!

  • Rachel Staff

    Do you know what the exterior house colour is yet?

  • Lucy

    Any news on that exterior paint colour? Would be much appreciated!

    • Katrina (author)

      Sorry – wouldn’t have a clue.

  • Jeanette Brownrigg

    Loved tbe house.. I’d love to know the name and brand of the gorgeous floral wallpaper the Bronik and Corrine used in the lounge.. its amazing

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