House Rules: The exteriors

Now all of the exterior areas on House Rules are done, we can see all the photos together. What did you think?

Here are they are…

Bronik & Corrine’s house

Ben and Danielle completed the front of Bronik and Corrine’s with a simple and sweet style.

frontyard1_1ap6ve5-1ap6vg4 mh01877_1ap6ve5-1ap6vge mh01879_1ap6ve5-1ap6vgh mh01883_1ap6ve5-1ap6vgj mh01893_1ap6ve5-1ap6vgm mh01909_1ap6ve5-1ap6vgq

It was pretty obvious Ryan and Marlee would be going home after the exteriors reveal of Bronik and Corrine’s backyard last night. I just wasn’t a fan. It was all kinds of wrong… See the photos below…

backyard1_1ap70md-1ap70os mh01571_1ap70nf-1ap70p3 mh01582_1ap70nf-1ap70p7 mh02058_1ap70nf-1ap70p9 mh02095_1ap70nf-1ap70pf mh02150_1ap70nf-1ap70pk mh02156_1ap70nf-1ap70pm mh02184_1ap70nf-1ap70po backwide4_1_1ap70nf-1ap70pt courtyard6_1ap70nf-1ap70q8

I loved what Corrine said “shall we talk about the elephant in he room?” Haha in reference to the graffiti. The artwork would have looked good in the right space, but not here in this yard. I would have spun the fire pit around so you could actually see it from the back doors instead of tucking it away. Anyone else concerned about the fire sitting on a timber deck? The bar was a funny addition too. The secret outdoor area was odd. Who would sit up there when there is a big deck off the back of the house? If my husband suddenly started to sit up there I’d be like “what are you doing??” I liked the main deck off the back of the house and the chairs and that’s about it. Sad to see Ryan and Marlee go though as they were good value!

Ryan & Marlee’s house

Steve and Tiana completed the front of Ryan and Marlee’s house. I agree with the judges that it wasn’t great with the odd path, but I did love that they fixed the verandah area and deck.

frontyard1_1ap6thf-1ap6ti1 hr3_sa4_377_1ap6thf-1ap6ti3 hr3_sa4_387_1ap6thf-1ap6ti5 hr3_sa4_402_1ap6thf-1ap6tia hr3_sa4_421_1ap6thf-1ap6tif

Let’s talk about the corn? Ok, let’s not. Ummmmmm…. not sure where that was going Tiana!



Bronik and Corrine completed a good backyard for Ryan and Marlee. Although, why does no one think of the rain?? Not one outdoor area has a proper cover? And I would be having heart attacks about accidentally leaving cushions outside to get wet and wrecked.

backyard1_1ap6ugp-1ap6ui3 hr3_sa4_514_1ap6ugp-1ap6ui9 hr3_sa4_576_1ap6ugp-1ap6uis hr3_sa4_579_1ap6ugp-1ap6uiu hr3_sa4_584_1ap6ugp-1ap6uj4


Steve’s house

Bronik and Corrine did this front exterior…

hr_s3_nsw4_243_1ap3n37-1ap3n3s frontyard1_1ap3n37-1ap3n3p

Ben and Danielle completed the backyard. I like the screens! Cool use of them in that spot.

hr_s3_nsw4_207_1ap3o0r-1ap3o4a hr_s3_nsw4_136_1ap3o0r-1ap3o3m hr_s3_nsw4_088_1ap3o0r-1ap3o38 hr_s3_nsw4_086_1ap3o0r-1ap3o36 hr_s3_nsw4_084_1ap3o0r-1ap3o32 backyard1_1ap3o0r-1ap3o2v


Ben and Danielle’s house

Steve and Tiana got this front job. Much neater and better than what it was. Could have gone with a few more plants like the judges suggested.

hr_sn3_ph4_qld_002_1ap3omu-1ap3onj hr_sn3_ph4_qld_005_1ap3omu-1ap3onn hr_sn3_ph4_qld_015_1ap3omu-1ap3onv hr_sn3_ph4_qld_020_1ap3omu-1ap3oo8 hr_sn3_ph4_qld_wide_angle_002_1ap3omu-1ap3ooj


Ryan and Marlee completed the back areas. There seemed to be a lot of them.

backyard1_1ap3p9r-1ap3pag hr_sn3_ph4_qld_010_1ap3p9r-1ap3pam hr_sn3_ph4_qld_012_1ap3p9r-1ap3paq hr_sn3_ph4_qld_014_1ap3p9r-1ap3pav hr_sn3_ph4_qld_wide_angle_004_1ap3p9r-1ap3pb4 hr_sn3_ph4_qld_wide_angle_005_1ap3p9r-1ap3pb6

Now all of their own houses are completed inside and out. How lucky! How great has it been to see them all develop over time?

Can’t wait to see who wins… who will it be?

There’s a little rift happening now between Danielle and Corrine. I am a Danielle fan, so I am rooting for her. Love her lace addiction.


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