House Rules 2018: Jess and Jared Reveal

Hi there! Here’s the first reveal for House Rules 2018. I love those awkward first few weeks where you can clearly see the couples are struggling to find their groove and the styling can be a little cringey. But they usually get the hang of it. I’m not going to tear their rooms apart because I understand their budget and time woes are real! I do like that they try really hard and a lot of their renovating is achievable for the normal person.

Jess and Jared were the first house to be gutted and renovated this year. I wrote a blog post here introducing all the couples so head back over to that one if you want to check out who is who.

As you can see from below the contestants had their work cut out for them this week! Jess and Jared wanted a warehouse vibe.

Check out the reveals below…

Chiara & David (Entry and Master Bedroom)

Kim & Michelle (Laundry and Beauty Room)

Josh & Brandon (Kitchen, Hallway and Bonus Media Room)

Toad & Mandy (Dining and Ensuite)

Leigh & Kristie (Living Room)

Mel & Dave (Bathroom and Guest Bedroom)

Here’s how the teams ended up on scoring day…

What did you think about the house reveal??


  • Anonymous

    I loved the laundry. Loved the colour, storage and layout. Only so much you can do in a small space and I don’t like a lot of clutter… too bad I can’t put that into practice at my place

  • Anonymous

    Christ! I would die if they’d done this to my house

  • Anonymous

    Would love to know where the beauty room mirror is from. Thoughts Katrina?

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