House Rules 2018: Backyard Reveals Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of the backyard reveals on House Rules. Thank god it’s nearly over. I get so crazy overwhelmed and my head spins when I see most of the reveals. But I am totally in love with Toad and Mandy’s exterior. It’s my kind of happy. Who wouldn’t want a big shed, a barn door, a pizza oven and an amazing view! My kids beg me weekly can we move to a ‘farm’, but I couldn’t handle the travel in and out of town all the time, so my poor boys never get their dream farm… 😉

Let’s look over the reveals…

Chiara and David’s exterior

This water park thing they’ve got going on would be fun for the kids, but it’s not pretty is it? All that slimy rubber surface makes me twitch. Laying by the pool would be relaxing, but again we’d be moving the indoor artwork, cushions and chairs in and out all the time. Not at all weather friendly. I would have loved to see a fantastic outdoor kitchen with all that space they had to work with.

Toad and Mandy’s exterior

I think overall Toad and Mandy would have to be rapt with their final house. Some of the inside stuff is a bit hair scary, but it’s better than what they started with. How can I get that shed/pub on the side of my house?? My boys would be in heaven.


What did you think??

You can see the previous renos here and meet the contestants here.

♥ KC.

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  • lauren

    Do you know what timber the boys used for that stunning barn door?
    I need my husband to make me one asap!

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