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Hebel’s fire resistant building materials

Today I wanted to share with you a product you might like to consider before building a new home in the bush. Our love of living close to the Australian bush can also bring the ever-present threat of losing a home to an unforeseen fire. When planning to build a home in a bushfire prone area, building design, construction methods and bushfire action plans are all important considerations but most significant is the choice of building materials, particularly the external cladding of the building. Hebel’s fire resistant building materials might be a good option for you to look at.


All homes now built in bushfire zones must comply with Australian Standard AS3959-2009, designed to improve the resistance of buildings to bushfire attack from burning embers and radiant heat.

Building with Hebel not only provides the homeowner with the security that their home is fire-resistant, but also provides an extremely solid construction with sharp architectural aesthetics and the flexibility to create a range of innovative designs, both externally and internally. Hebel boasts high acoustic absorbing properties meaning that sound transmission between rooms and noise penetration from external sources is significantly reduced. With enhanced insulation performance three times that of brick, the thermal efficiency of Hebel ensures comfort throughout the year, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling appliances, creating a more comfortable and energy efficient home.


There are also financial benefits to consider when choosing Hebel. Hebel is faster to construct and generally requires significantly less labour compared to traditional construction techniques and products. Building with Hebel also means less mess on-site and less clean-up at completion of construction, all of which help to reduce the total cost of the build.

I’ve added a couple of PDF’s for you to download. One is a media release on Hebel’s benefits and the other is a case study of a stunning house in Victoria which showcases Hebel as a building product.

Do you have a Hebel home? Have you considered it before? 

To find out more contact Hebel on 1300 443 235 or visit

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  • Veronica Marks

    I’ve never heard of Hebel before, but it sounds like an amazing building material! I’m curious about how it’s pricing compares to that of lumber? I don’t want to go over my budget, but would love to use this if I can.

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