Having a skin graft today


I don’t have the best history (or genes!) when it comes to skin things. In 2012 I wrote about a basal cell carcinoma I had removed here. It has reappeared bigger and nastier! Today I’m having a skin graft and I am not looking forward to it. So, basically, they’re taking skin from behind my ear and putting it on my nose (bring on the head bandage hahahaha!). So glamorous! This will be the 4th BCC I’ve had cut out, but my first skin graft. My first BCC was in 2009.

The reason I also get these nasty little skin things is because I am immunocompromised with my crohn’s medicine. I actually have a long road ahead of me in the next few months with talk of a bowel operation. BUT, I need to get this skin thing dealt with first and have a little bit of recovery time before I deal with that hurdle.

I am going to be hiding for the next few weeks! Thank god for online groceries and lots of friends to help with my kiddies.

LOOK AFTER your skin people! I’m 36 and already I am having a terrible time with sun spots! I wear invisible zinc every single day, but this damage would have been done when I was a teenager.

See you soon. ♥ KC.


  • Ness - lifeinourbluehouse

    Good on you for getting checked and sharing and spreading the sunscreen message! The skin graft will fade over time-you can’t even notice my dad’s now, so hang in there!
    Get well soon!! x

  • Laney Galligan

    All the best Katrina. I’m glad you’ve got some help sorted to support you x

  • debbie

    My fear to sweet..so many times I blistered and blistered as a kid..sun protection just wastn’t the thing when we were teenagers..sigh…speedy recovery….and its all apart of our story..xxD

  • Parisgirl

    All the best Katrina. I had a skin graft done 18 months ago. It hurt a little at the time but can’t even see it now. Stay well and happy.

  • michelleh

    All the best Katrina, I know you will be ok. My mum went thru melanoma over 40 years ago without all of our technology today and survived everything. It was only she asked the doctor for a referral. You have to constantly keep an eye on these things and like yourself will come thru with flying colours. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and you will be out and about out of hiding in no time at all. xxx

  • Naebee

    I hope it all went well today. They are horrible little things aren’t they? I had a BCC on my neck that just grew and grew, I went to the Dr about it and he said it was a Keloid scar. Fast forward well over 2 years later and the lump getting much bigger, I walked into a different Dr’s surgery for something totally unrelated, he took one look at it and said that needs to come out straight away! So I now have a nice big scar on my neck.

  • Tim Treweek

    Sometimes the skin graft does not survive the transfer to the new site. This usually happens within the first two weeks after the procedure. It can happen for a variety of reasons including the accumulation of blood or fluid underneath the graft, and/or wound infection. It is quite normal for the graft to appear dark and crusted on the surface when the dressings are removed early on. This does not necessarily mean it has failed. Hope everything work well.

  • Catherine

    All the best with your op. I have only just opened your email so I hope all went well. xx

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