Hardy outdoor potted plants

When the sun shows us some warmth I like to revamp my outdoor alfresco area. I either re-pot existing plants, or add a few new ones. I need hardy plants that can tolerate lots of heat and then also survive during the cold months. Here’s a few I know will suit most environments…

# Geranium

# Lavender

# Citrus trees

# Succulents

# Bougainvillea

# Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

# Agave

# Herbs

I’m going to add a citrus tree to my back area. I just remembered I have the perfect white pot sitting in my garage not being used. Looks like there will be a trip to Bunnings today!

Images: Geranium / Lavender / Citrus / Succulents / Bougainvillea / Mother-in-law’s Tongue / Agave / Herbs

♥ KC.


  • Chrissie Taylor

    I used to have cumquats in large terracotta pots.
    I currently have olive trees in pots and they look nice as well ❤️

    • Chrissie Taylor

      Katrina Chambers and very hardy!
      They look beautiful in dolly pots

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