Guest Post: Updating your winter wardrobe!

I have a guest post today from a fashionista friend – the lovely Georgina from Teacher Style by Georgina. Georgina has some really fab tips on how you can update your winter wardrobe easily by layering.

Over to you Georgina…


With winter fast approaching, for some, it is prime time for the dreaded wardrobe change over from those warmer summer days that seem an eternity away.

Just because we are now faced with those fresh mornings, the afternoon winds and the even colder nights, does not mean that we can’t let go of our trusty slippers, socks, tracksuits and oversized jumpers…come on, we all have those days!

But, before you go and fork out hundreds of dollars on new winter woollies, take these four tips into consideration and see if you can save by ‘layering’!

1. The Collared Shirt

Untitled design

Who thought that a white business shirt could be used in more ways than the corporate sense? This look can be extremely versatile and can add crispness to your normal attire. By adding a white shirt to a dress, not only does it provide you with extra warmth and coverage, it also has the ability to turn any summer dress into one that is transeasonal.

Most jumpers need to be accessorised in winter so they don’t look bland. Often, a chunky scarf or jacket will be removed when inside and you are then left with the plain jumper you began with. Collared shirts are also great for creating a layered look without adding extra bulk to an outfit.

Add a statement necklace and heels to dress up any collared shirt outfit and team with boots or flats and footless tights to create a more casual approach.

2. Basics

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You must have basics in your wardrobe for any season – winter especially! Long sleeve tops, ponte pants and thick footless tights are the garments that will keep you warm and allow you to layer effectively this season. Basic items will, like the collared shirt, allow you to turn your summer wardrobe items into transeasonal pieces. Long sleeves under sleeveless or capped sleeve tops, ponte pants under a dress or longer top or thick footless tights under a skirt are all great ways of prolonging your summer attire, saving money and revamping your wardrobe without having to reinvent. Winner, winner!

3. Scarves

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Who doesn’t like accessorising! Especially when the accessory not only adds depth and dimension to your outfit, but also keeps you warm! It is always a good idea to have a few different styles and colours in your wardrobe for the different outfits you may be wearing. Scarves that are chunky, coloured or printed are always a great focal point for an outfit and are best kept when you’re wearing something plain – let the scarf do the talking.

A basic scarf is a must in every wardrobe. Black, grey and cream are considered neutral colours and will most often go with all outfits. The basic scarf comes in handy when you need something around your neck but you also have a lot going on with your outfit in terms of colours, print or bulk. The neutral colours won’t draw attention to the scarf but instead, will complement your ensemble.

4. The Cape

Untitled design copy 4

Now, let’s talk about this seasons must have accessory – the cape. Almost every clothing store has produced something similar and although this sleeveless jacket may not look like much, it works for any outfit, both dressed up and casual. It acts as a jacket but doesn’t come with the bulk, it acts as a layer but doesn’t take attention from an outfit, it acts as a cardigan but has an edge about it. This item will serve you well and will go with anything from jeans and converse, to a dress and heels.

So before you go ahead and buy all new season pieces for your wardrobe, have a think about what you already own and what can be utilised better with the guidance of these four simple rules.

Can you make your wardrobe transeasonal?

Thanks Georgina. So glad you could share your tips with us today!

♥ KC


  • Naomi

    Katrina, where is that Cape from in the last photo. I love it

    • Georgina McCormack

      It’s from Rodeo Show. I love it, as it goes with absolutely everything! Xx

  • Georgina McCormack

    Hi Naomi, I got the Cape from Rodeo Show. It’s perfect for all outfits xx

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