Got an ugly wall or need some light? Use a full wall of mirrors!

A mirror can be useful in so many ways. I love it when I see a home using mirrors. I went searching for inspiration on Pinterest and came up with some homes which feature a full wall mirror. I need to find somewhere in my own home to do this (maybe the next house!).

Mirrors not only brighten up a dark area, of course they make everything seem bigger and wider. A small area can suddenly feel like it’s enormous. Be careful what will be in the reflection though, but if you choose the right spot, you won’t regret it!

Take a look at some of these photos below and see what’s in the reflection…



A hallway looks grand and inviting (but don’t place a mirror at the end of the hallway because that’s bad feng shui to have the mirror directly opposite the door).



I have done this in my own bathrooms. Full wall mirrors above the vanity – edge to edge and I love it!



Separate the mirrors in to pieces to create a feature.



Black trims between each mirror looks amazing.



This looks grand. It’s hard to work out where the room starts and finishes. Love this.



This mirror is huge above the bath with the black trim. The whole room feels light and bright.



Instead of artwork, this mirror reflects so much light and hopefully a view! Gorgeous.

Maybe you’ll head to your hardware store and check out some large pieces of mirror to add to a wall? Let me know if you do! ♥ KC.


  • Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    So true! I love the big mirror above the bath and then the living room in the last shot. Such a clever tool to transform a space!
    PS: your poo chair post on FB today had me in stitches, I showed a pic to Hubby and now he wants one for our next camping trip to Fraser Island. What a laugh!!!

  • Renee Beggs

    I seen great use of that in a few display homes

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