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Get involved: October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Brought to you by BP and McGrath Foundation.


October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Australia, a time when the nation unites as one to support those faced with breast cancer, and to consolidate its efforts in raising vital funds to combat the disease. We have probably all been touched by breast cancer in some way or another. It could be you, a friend, a relative or just someone you follow online. My lovely friend Bec was diagnosed at age of 30. I wrote about it here. But she is doing fab now with a new blog she’s launched. And watching her go through that wasn’t great… So today I wanted to share an update on an initiative BP has launched. BP has been a loyal partner and supporter of the McGrath Foundation since 2013, providing the organisation with more than a million dollars which has gone towards funding vital McGrath Breast Care Nurses, and making life easier for patients and families who experience breast cancer. That is incredible.

You may have heard about the McGrath Breast Care Nurses? I know we have 2 nurses in Wagga and I am sure we could do with more. These sensational women help families by providing invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. The nurses assist families free of charge.

With a goal to fund a new McGrath Breast Care Nurse every year, BP is giving people across the country the opportunity to also make a difference to hundreds of Australians when they refuel, by donating a percentage of all fuel sales up until Sunday 9 October. All you have to do is make sure you head to a BP to fill up your car. That is so easy! You can also get involved by donating to the McGrath Foundation with a shop purchase or making your own donation.

Head to BP’s Facebook page to learn more. They’d love your support. ♥ KC.


  • Rebecca Braid

    Great initiative by BP – We definitely need more BC nurses, there was only one in Wagga when I was diagnosed and she was stretched way too far that not everyone got the benefit of her services. Thanks for the link

  • Sarah Welsh

    Clare Charnley Hall not sure if you’ve heard of this but I’m sure you’d love to be involved

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