Floor plan Friday!


Do you love looking at floor plans? I do!

And because I love them so much I thought I should pick one a week and show you what I have found (hence the FLOOR PLAN FRIDAY cheesy title)… although it will be from the help of my Design Tribe FORUM friends. They’ve started sharing over here.

I used to love the one on the left a few years ago. But I wouldn’t use the powder room, I would turn that in to a walk in storage.

Do you have a favourite plan? Do you find it hard to visualise a floor plan?


  • Robyn Elizabeth

    Would that be a Metricon on the left, maybe the Jasper?. I’m a big fan of Plantations Retreat Nouveau and the Trinity Lux. They are both great for large families. I love looking at floor plans 🙂

  • Karen Price

    Actually I like both……..the one on the right is very different to most I’ve seen, different in a good way I think…..lol…………something I haven’t done in ages…..display homes 🙂

  • Donna Lovelock

    I’d love to know what the one on the right is. I love it.

  • Tracey B

    I have been hooked on floor plans since my early teens. I used to spend my pocket money on those American plan books and send away for plans from Aussie builders – 30 years later, I still love houses and floor plans and have a “thing” for symmetry, straight lines, American style trims and their practical layouts. I have always been able to visualise a space from a plan and love tweaking plans to give better symmetry and flow. The street appeal and character of a house is also at the top of my list of musts – something that many new home builders seem to forget.

  • Kirby Cotterill Schofield

    I love the one on left but…. hate that the toilet doesn’t have a window…. nothing like getting hit with a poo bat lol

  • Megan Reading

    Such good timing, I was only looking at floor plans last night, would love to see some that are good for acreage properties 🙂

  • Carla Anderson

    I’m addicted too, especially now that I’m longing to build again. I always loved architecture at school and prob should have done it further but interior design was calling too, so really have the best of both worlds now. I love the second plan, wow that’s a big house, pretty cool! I shall enjoy looking at these on Fridays!

  • Peter Castagna

    Cool idea Katrina…. Well you know I love everything floorplans…. I have just added Planit2D LITE to the AppStore….. A completely FREE fully functional version of Planit2D minus the save abilities…..grab a copy

  • Trish Fellows

    I love the one on the right, with master bedroom in middle of house. I dislike master bedrooms at front of house, yet most people have that – so weird. We built our bedroom at the back of the house this time and I love it! I love looking at plans – lots of ideas .

  • Kate

    Yes!!!! I love looking at floorplans! I surf realestate.com.au just for sh*ts n giggles, but if there’s no floorplan link straight up I dont even open a listing 😀
    I like the plan on the right but would change the e-zone and space into a WIPantry 🙂

  • Guest

    I love looking at floor plans, I get very disappointed on real estate websites when they don’t have a floorplan. I like the plan on the left, like you I would change the powder room to pantry and the pantry to a mudroom. The one on the right looks v similar to a dale alcock build that a colleague is getting.

  • Ange

    Ah Ha someone who also loves floor plans. I like looking at floor plans on real estate sites and get disappointed if they aren’t included. I like the plan on the left, like you I would change the powder room to a pantry and the pantry to a mud room. The one on the right looks very similar to a Dale alcock design that a colleague is currently building.

  • Fiona

    Can you please tell me who’s design is the one on the right please?

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