Floor Plan Friday: Ranch style house

Hi! Today I went searching for a bigger style home (last week we did a small home which had great response!). Here’s a ranch-style home which would work well on acreage. The garage is down the side of the home. This is quite a big home, but it could be very special and fancy if you were building this one. There is a “bonus” second floor if you needed another room on top (it’s over the garage), or you could leave this off if you like the bottom floor layout already.
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Here is where I found it.

If you’d love to see more great floor plans then click here. If you have a floor plan you’d like me to look over before you build, please email me or buy my services then scan and email them to me.

I will spend 2 hours looking over your plan and email back a detailed list of suggestions for changes. I can’t guarantee changes will be needed as your plan may already be perfect in my eyes. But for peace of mind I can either list some suggestions, or let you know how jealous I am of your soon-to-be new home.

♥ KC.

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  • Cassandra Holm

    Ooooh. I like this!

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