Floor Plan Friday: Modern Facade on a Corner Block

Check out this new floor plan today! Found it on a real estate page here (you can see interior pictures too).

There’s lots to like about this one. Especially the outdoor area off the living and the kitchen. It’s a very modern facade, but with the right interior you could make this home something special.

It’s been built on a corner block, so if you need a plan to suit then this might be the one!

I found the plan here. Plus there are more floor plan’s on my blog here.

♥ KC.

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  • Dianna

    Hello Katrina
    I love your website. We are looking for a modern floor plan that capture view (1.5 story) with courtyard. The lot is approx 100 ft by 245 ft. We saw your Floor Plan Friday: Modern Facade on a Corner Block but we could not view more detail. Do you mind updating the link where we can access the full plan? Do you have other modern floor plans? Thank you David and Dianna Haley

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