Floor Plan Friday: Farmhouse style rural house design with a modern twist

Today I have a farmhouse style rural house design with a modern twist. There is a fireplace to the main living with chimney brick feature to front elevation. There’s a lot to like about this plan if you’re on a rural block and looking for something to suit a family with ample space.

Multiple living spaces, a full size study, plus study nook, a powder room and there’s even a bar in the games room!

The laundry might not be in the best position because it seems to be tucked up with all the kids’ rooms. Plus not sure the powder room needs to be as close to the main bathroom. It could be moved to be part of the games room I think.

The kitchen is huge, but not walk-in-pantry. This could easily be re-jigged if you wanted to create that space. There is plenty of area in this home to change a few things around. What do you think of the ensuite?

What do you think about this plan? I found it here.

If you’re obsessed with house designs like I am then I have a stack more over here.

Plus I can give you a hand with your own floor plans in my services list over here.

Happy Friday ♥ KC.


  • Chelle Houley

    Love love love this!! With 4 boys we are looking for a house with this much space and a bit of space between our room and the kids 😛

  • Sally Lowe

    Nice but I can’t believe a house that size has such an underwhelming kitchen. No WIP! Deal breaker.

  • Priya McDonald

    Great plan. Think I would swap the kitchen and dining area so that you could be in the kitchen looking out to the deck/pool that would definitely be there!!!

  • Nicole Thomas

    I would relocate the kitchen and laundry so they are connected to the garage and relocate the main bedroom. It’s not a practical set up for a family with kids. Though this much space should allow for flexibility.

  • Jackie Warren

    I would switch the ensuite and wardrobe to butt the kitchen to reduce noise from late night snacking teenagers. Great house for families with teenagers

  • Philippa Bush

    I don’t think I’d need a games room and an activity room so I’d cut one of those out. I’d add a walk-in pantry and a walk-in storage cupboard. Awesome size robe in the Master though!

  • Petrina Turner

    A Butlers pantry, double the back deck in size, a small sliding door connected to games room from the kids hallway, another laundry at the parents end of the house…..once the kids move out of home having a laundry at your end of the house is convenient and also allows you to close off the kids end of the house if needed. This plan is great Katrina.

  • Amanda Wenham

    Only a few small changes I would make but first design I’ve liked for a long time!!!

  • Jennifer Kaye

    Agree with the need for a WIP. I would also split the main bathroom in to one with a shower and one with a bath. One bathroom servicing 4 bedrooms (and maybe more than 4 kids) wouldn’t cut it for me.

  • Jody Markham

    It’s a lot like the Bronte at McDonald Jones, only a few changes.

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