Floor Plan Friday: Clerestory windows in family home

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by today. I found this plan in my travels around the internet and I really like it. I thought it was excellent if North was out towards the deck. The sun would come up on the front of the home and travel over the deck. Click over to the original source of this one so you can see the skillion roofline. The ceiling has been raised through the living/meals with clerestory windows all along the top to take in the sun.

I also like the position of the garage and butler’s pantry. Then the laundry on the other side with access straight through. What about the drying cupboard!?

Don’t get mad at the toilets on the front of the home. This is a plan for a BIG block and a high skinny window would work well. You can see the facade over here.

The original plan is from here.

What do you think about this plan today??

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  • Andrew Golden

    Finally a plan where the garage is set back BEHIND the main building line!!!! Although, that blank wall on the main facade (external wall of the ensuite) drives me crazy! I guess its the Town Planner coming out in me? Think of the streetscape guys!!

  • Kate

    Looooove it!!! One of your best, Katrina <3
    I see your point Andrew, with the blank facade, but seldom look at window placement in relation to whether I like a floorplan or not 🙂

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