Floor Plan Friday: 2 storey with kids’ bedrooms on the top

Today I went looking for a 2 storey floor plan to share with you. These can be tricky to find (good plans anyway), because you need to be able to visualise these. Sometimes it’s hard to get your head around where everything will sit and where the stairs will be and how they look. There are heaps of facade options with this plan too. But below you can see that the top level is set back on the home, which I really like.

I liked this plan because everything seems more in order. That is, you can distinctly see where the kids’ bedrooms will be and how that 2nd storey will flow. It’s easy to see you’d walk straight up the stairs and in to the study/rumpus area for the kids. The bedrooms are all the same size and the bathroom is practical.

What do you think about the ensuite layout? It’s skinny and the toilet has no window. I can see why it doesn’t sit against the window though – because that’s all you’d see from the bedroom. Yuck. I’d also flip the powder room for the window.

What do you think about this floor plan?

The original source is from here.

If you love house designs like I do I have more over here.

Plus I can give you a hand with your own floor plans in my services list over here.

Happy Friday ♥ KC

One comment

  • Kate

    I quite like this one.
    And I get what you mean by the toilet, but backing it to the window and having a door there’d be no issues … I would have a bigger window and a door to the ensuite anyway – I detest open ensuites lol
    And yes to the powder room flip too, it’s a bit weird that way. The laundry would be a dungeon without a window or having the back door was glass too.

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