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Feeling better about things…

In my house lately, we’ve been (well it’s usually me!) coming up with new ways to feel better about “things”. Nothing in particular, just feeling better about life, and activities, and our health and our positivity. I started following Sarah Prout very closely a few months ago. I knew of Sarah a few years ago, but something must have popped up in my twitter which drew me to her more so. I have always been a big believer in manifestation, but she writes a lot more about vibrations and feelings.

So I read and read and read… then started following her tips and writing things down. My boys roll their eyes a little when I start talking about “vibrations”, but they’ve decided to take it on board and in our house we’ve been working on our vibrations. Sounds a little crazy ha! But seriously, this is not new stuff. You get back what you give out, so I have been making sure we’ve been keeping a high vibration in our house. As soon as someone starts being silly and negative my favourite thing to do it draw a circle in mid air and say “See this? See your vibration? It’s negative and doesn’t match mine, so fix it!” Kids groan, they get a bit angry with me, but then they tend to realise that good things don’t happen unless you ask for them in a positive way.

Kids have so many outside stresses and I just want to raise mine as happy, positive men. Adults have too many stresses! So, in a bid to make sure my family stays happy and positive, we’ve really been working on some stuff…

Bed time

We’ve been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier to enjoy the day. I don’t allow people to wake up foul! Ha! At least be relatively approachable. You wake up an asshole, you’ll be an asshole all day (sorry, but I live with 4 males!).


We’ve been eating better. I’ve cut out heaps of crap and asking everyone to think about their choices before they put it in their mouth. My boys are old enough to think before they eat rather than me putting it in front of them. I’ve lost 4kg, which has been good because my jeans didn’t fit! 😉


We’ve limited alcohol BIG TIME (for the adults not the kids haha!). No need to use alcohol to manage your stress. My husband and I have been happy to throw it away (well he has a couple a week, but I am happy to stay off it mostly).


I’ve got one kid going to the gym 2-3 times a week. He needed to do it for many reasons – anxiety, stress, plus he enjoys the challenge. Footy season is also here and we’ve been outside as much as we can.


Financially we could all do with a leg up. So I have been teaching my kids about money a bit more, and staying positive about it. Sarah believes money is just energy and I agree with her after reading along. I have been changing the way I think about money and I just feel a bit better about it in general. Join Sarah’s program and private Facebook group and see how people talk about money – I have learnt a lot.


I’ve been talking more about treating people better. Everyone. So this means treating their brothers better, their friends, strangers… Again, a positive vibration is always better. I am quick to knock any “bitching” on its head.

Even though I sound like I am preaching, I promise I’m not! I have my pitfalls, don’t we all? I screech at my kids, I get irritated easily, I have a cloud hanging over me some days… but as a whole I am learning how to better manage those things. Anyway, enough about what I say, seriously just go and read some of Sarah’s stuff. Read the comments, get in her groups and you’ll see what others are saying and how it’s helping them too!

Have a great week ahead. ♥ KC.


  • Deborah O'Brien

    Thanks for the tip Katrina, we could all do with raising our vibrations… Very powerful stuff.
    My favourite saying ‘Be the change you want to see in the world ‘. xxx

  • Joanne

    Thanks for sharing this Katrina- I’ll be taking a look at Sarah’s stuff for sure.
    The dark cloud has been hanging over my alot lately – and I’m back using a walking stick to get around after a major turn on the weekend, so any positivity that I can get, I’ll be taking it.
    As you would understand, having a chronic condition is a daily challenge and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just gets the better of you. It’s time to rise above it (I have several, so above them!) and reach for the sunshine.
    Thanks again. Keep on keeping on xx

    • Katrina (author)

      I do hope you feel a little bit better soon. XX

  • Roxanne Catch

    I agree if we keep our energy up by working on ourselves & our lifestyle we always feel better ????

  • Tara

    I love this! I’ve been teaching my three year old about negative energy and she’s been helping me burn sage and clap and sweep the bad energy away. My husband thinks it’s witchy nonsense but if we are all in a funk, it can be so good for us to all jump around the house clapping in the corners and sweeping the bad juju out of the house with our hands.

    I’ll definitely look up Sarah! Thanks for sharing.

    • Katrina (author)

      That’s so gorgeous!!

  • Julie Newans

    Sounds a lot like Abraham Hicks ( The Secret was based on them). You go girl ????

  • Nikki

    For some reason this post really resonated with me – partially because it wasn’t accompanied by an overly filtered photo of you with a green smoothie and a floating white dress. Instead you used real life examples and didn’t try and sell the concept too hard ! I love how you keep it real whilst providing inspiration ! Nikki

  • TN

    This is a wonderful post – and as always is the case with your blog, beautifully written. You write like a friend rather than a stranger 🙂

    All of what you have said is common sense but I think we’re all guilty of forgetting it a lot (if not most) of the time.

    For me, having a good night’s sleep, and a relaxing shower twice-daily, are two luxuries I cannot do without. If I skimp on my sleep even by a matter of minutes, I’m a terror.

    Exercise definitely releases endorphins … if I don’t do just 30 minutes a day of walking then I start to get really down.

    I’ve been doing the Optifast diet for the past four months (one-two to go), and have shed 40kg. I started out at 120kg and am hovering around 80kg now; my goal is to get down to 60kg, which is where I felt my best (10 years ago!). When I come off it, I’m going to make a point of eliminating all processed food. I’m going to stick to eating grilled salmon and chicken, vegetables, salads, and eggs. And herbal tea. That’s all. No more bread (which got me fat in the first place), butter, dressings, oils, pre-made food , milky coffees, fizzy drinks, energy drinks (even the non-fizzy ones are bad for you) … nothing like that. I think I’ll leave out starchy vegetables too, as whenever I eat potatoes my mood changes. I’m going to start seeing food as my fuel to survive (which I kind of do now, having been on Optifast for so long), rather than something that gives me pleasure. As a pleasure point in its place, I treat myself to long baths with scented candles.

    Meditation is another thing that helps you feel better. Practice it for 10-15 minutes every morning and night and you’ll never look back.

    And … removing toxic people from your life is a huge game changer. I had a spring clean of all my friend- and relation- ships in general recently and I feel so much better as a result.

  • Leah Bell

    Perfect timing for me to read this article – my mojo is awol! So I’m just about to head over to Sarah Prout to read some more. Thanks Katrina x

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