Eat those crusts? Back to school soon!

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Are we counting down yet? Yes? I’m ready to hand the little monkey’s back to the teachers! Just kidding… the holidays haven’t been so dreadful (yet!)… We’ve still got 2 weeks to go, but it is time to start thinking about new uniforms, shoes and stationery. I like to get organised early so I am not rushing around leading up to the first day back. I remember one year I was very lazy and couldn’t buy any contact (for books!). All over town seemed to sell out so I had to steal from a friend! Haha. So, this year, I’m not doing that!

Target were kind enough to help me get started with all the back to school gear we needed…

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that we’ve just finished building our home office (well it’s mostly done!) and we have 3 work stations, so the boys put it all to good use with their new stationery.




I love new stationery so I was just as excited as them! Target decked us out with new pencils, textas, stapler, pencil sharper, ipad case… plus so much more!


I also popped down and bought these cute little sandwich cutters. I HATE eating crusts so I can hardly ask the boys to eat them and this is the perfect solution! I’m like a big kid when I eat sandwiches – crusts get pulled off and ditched 🙂 With these little cutters at least I know the kids will eat it all and I can dispose of the crusts at home (nothing worse than soggy crusts in the bottom of the lunch bag!).



We also have our fruit and little snacks sorted with these snack tubes. They even stack on top of each other! So easy and no rubbish left behind. I have a child who is addicted to fruit, so this is going to be his.



Target even has the backpacks and lunchboxes covered! From $25 you can grab a very cool backpack and then team it with lunch boxes and drink bottles to match. They even have themed packs so everything is matching. My little kid has ‘bagsed’ this lot! He loves the lime green! My eldest loves the black backpack here.



Next on the list were the school shoes… Are your kids hard on their shoes? Oh mine are! They don’t seem to last a full year and at these great prices I am happy to buy them over and over.

Are you looking forward to getting the kids back to school? Or maybe you have a little one starting this year, so you’re feeling anxious?

With thanks to Target I have 3 x $25 vouchers to giveaway to help you get a few new supplies to start the year fresh and ready to go…

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what you love or loathe about getting the kids back to school.

Good luck! X

Giveaways are in accordance with my disclosure policy. Giveaway is based on skill. Closes 5pm January 20, 2014.

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