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Don’t burst my bubble

I’m rambling today and it may not make sense but here we go with my thoughts in bullet point (because I wrote as they just landed on the page)…


  • There’s no pity party required, but I think I’ve been doing it pretty tough the past couple of years. If there is such a thing as a “switch” in life, then I think I’ve just flicked it back on.


  • There really is such a thing as balance.


  • A healthy body means a healthy mind, healthy family, healthy business. I am really seeing this.


  • How I feel affects my entire family. When they say “you’re happy Mum” with a smile on their face, then I have light bulb moment and think has my poor health/energy been influencing them THAT much?? I think it has.


  • When you worry about 4 other people but then not yourself then that’s no way to live. Me FIRST, then them. It’s hit me like a tonne of bricks these past few weeks. My apparent energy levels trickle down the family tree.


  • Clearing out and de-cluttering is important to me. Sounds a bit over the top, but I am better at life when things are in order.


  • I can do more than just one thing, one job, one task. I can do lots of things and they all work together.


  • Being busy is good. Not so busy that I can’t relax, but more that my priorities are in order and I go to bed each night feeling like I’ve accomplished lots of tasks.


  • Saying yes is as important as saying no. We’re always being told to say no to things but saying yes is just as important. I’m good at saying no, but I have shied away from so many things because I never felt well enough. Now that I’m feeling good (and I’m saying yes) many doors are opening.


  • Writing stuff down helps you sort out what you want, what you need and it’s therapeutic.


  • If you don’t like something, switch off, unfollow.


  • I am proud of myself. I kicked colostomy surgery in the arse and aced it. Sorry if that sounds super confident, but if you’ve gone through any major medical thing, then you’ll know what I am saying.


  • You CAN get yourself out of a dark place. You CAN find yourself again.

Today’s thoughts are brought to you by a 5am wake up, a whole lot of energy and a day planned of just re-grouping with my family. I want my 40s to be a bit more about working, expanding me as a person and kicking goals. My kids are getting older. I think I’m even letting my 16 year old leave school this year (I know, I’m still not sure about this! That’s a blog post for another day… gasp)! So, I’m on a mission and I have no idea where it’s taking me and I don’t have solid plans… all I know is that I don’t want this bubble to burst. This song has been on high rotation.

Hope you have a wonderful day xx

♥ KC.

PS. Oh, and the oils and crystals in the photo above have been helping me… somehow. It’s hard to explain, but they just have. 🙂


  • Anonymous

    A great read and important for all of us. I can see i your photos you look better – holistically better. Thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    Happy way to start the day!! Great to hear you’re feeling so well. Enjoy the good times x

  • Anonymous

    Happy for you, you deserve Wellness and success x

  • Val Reid

    Long may your bubble not burst Katrina! You deserve to have better times as you have had a tough time but you got through it with strength, humour and the love of your lovely family. As you say what is happening to you trickles down and affects all the family The “positive” in that is that your boys have learnt from you, and their Dad, that life is not always ideal and that when things are not going well for one of you, you stick together with love and care Valuable life lesson right there. I don’t know you but I am excited to see what opens up for you and so happy that you feel “smiley” again. Love to you and your 4 xx

  • Chris R

    Such a great post Katrina. Your positive attitude and energy are inspiring. Here’s to you living your best life. So happy for you!

  • Anonymous

    A new lease on life….you’re kicking goals

  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy for you! You forget how important your health is, until you don’t have it. Long story but I have realised I need to readdress my health issues ❤️ I’m so glad things are coming together and you feel soooo much better

    • Katrina Chambers Life & Design

      Those words “re-address health issues” just hit some sort of nerve with me. YES! This is what I wished I’d done years ago. So many people don’t. Soooooo here’s a thought for everyone – re-address your health issues ASAP. Thanks for that. Good luck with yours too xx

  • Anonymous

    I love this post. Good for you! I’ve been feeling the same way. The past few years for me have been tough and I’ve found myself saying (particularly just lately) why does everything have to be so hard but I’m getting off my bum and making magical things happen for me and my kids. It’s important that we all remember that we need to make things happen in our lives not just let life happen ✨

  • Anonymous

    If only every post on Facebook was that inspirational! Wonderful to hear you’re doing so much better.

  • Anonymous

    Love this! I’m so happy for you xxx

  • Anonymous

    Loved reading this and can I say I have loved your blog even more in recent weeks since the surgery. You’re so creative with your interior ideas and I keep coming back to your blog everyday to see what you will share next. Every point in your post is so true and applicable to all of us. I’m so pleased surgery has gone well for you. Enjoy this time in your life with new energy and creativity. I’m loving being a spectator as you flourish. Xx

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic post Katrina featuring great news about you. So happy for you!

  • Denyse

    This filled me with delight and joy! It is the “best” what I am seeing and reading about bow you are going now. Bubbles are NOT bursting they are growing and thriving! You are living LIFE again my friend xx

  • Kirsty

    Well said Katrina. So happy for you. There is no better feeling than good health and the optimism and freedom that goes with it.
    Here’s to many more years of health and happiness , family (and interiors!)

  • Anorina

    Yay for bubbles. Glad you’re feeling wonderful x

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