Dining table vignette

Brought to you by Super Amart

Hi there! Thanks for coming by today.
I always carry on about my dining table. It’s probably my least favourite thing in my house at the moment. It needs an update, but I’ll have to save some $ for that one! But in the meantime, I can jazz it up with a few new goodies and create a cool centerpiece.

Super Amart asked if I’d like to buy a few new pieces from their online store to freshen up an area in my home. So, I went straight for a few things that might look good on my dining table, plus could be moved around my house when I felt like a change…

1 2 3 4Untitled-1

I selected 5 things – the 3 Aztec vases and 2 wooden candle holders. I had the tray already so I knew straight away I would buy some coconuts and pineapples from the supermarket. They were on special too! I also snuck in a bunch of yellow roses for $5 from Aldi. In total, I spent less than $200 to transform the look of my dining area.


Ta-tah! A new arrangement for my dining table and when I get sick of the goodies there I can move them around to other places in my home. But for now I am loving a new look in an area of my home that is usually my least favourite.

Pop over to Super Amart and see what you can find online to liven up an area of your home. I noticed they are having a huge sale too.

Happy Shopping! ♥ KC.


  • Kylee

    I love it. I think it looks fabulous. By the way, I also love your table. The woodgrain is beautiful.

  • J

    Your table looks great. Think I’ll pop into super amart this week and have a look. Where did you get the tray please.

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