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Control all your home lights with the touch of a button

Brought to you by Clipsal by Schneider Electric.

How cool is the development of technology? What about being able to control all of your home lighting with the simple touch of a button on a smartphone or tablet? I love this idea. Dimming the lights and turning them off has never been so easy.

Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s Simple Intelligent Lighting Control (SILC) makes this home automation now possible. Technology works best when it complements and enhances our lives. Recently I was told about a new product on the market developed by Clipsal by Schneider Electric and if you are about to build a new house or do some renovations then Clipsal SILC, which combines technology (like your phone or tablet) with LED lighting, is for you. The result will be smarter, more efficient lighting control. It is definitely worth checking out!


You’ll need an electrician to complete the job but it’s a basic, hard-wired lighting automation system that can go in any home (and your electrician doesn’t need any specialist skills to install it). Once it’s in your home, Clipsal SILC is so easy to use. It’s all controlled via the Clipsal SILC app. You can group together lights, alter dimming levels, and turn lights on and off. The system is very flexible; once it has been set up, you can go back into the app at any stage to alter the set up as your needs change. The system is also operable with standard light switches, allowing you to easily dim lights or turn them on and off via the wall switch –  no matter whether your ipad is being charged, or your children are playing games on your phone, you can still turn your lights on and off. These features make Clipsal SILC a simple and effective solution for multi-way switching and dimming.


  • Enjoy control of lighting from anywhere in your home, at anytime. Plus use the ‘all off’ function to turn lights off when you leave the house (because you know the kids never remember to turn lights off -sometimes I can go out of my house and see 5 lights on!).
  • Connect to your lighting via a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in your home, for total convenience.
  • Energy efficiency is a key benefit of the system, with LED lights using around 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting.
  • Control individual lights, or groups of lights, or even multiple groups.

What do you think? This could be the most intelligent lighting system you’ll own. If you love technology then you’ll really love Clipsal SILC.

Let me know if you have one – I’d love to hear!

♥ KC.


  • Teah Price

    My brother is a sparky and has nearly finished building his house- everyone is absolutely blown away by all the nifty electricals that he has put in, including my never-blown-away-by-anything hubs! He will be able to turn on his slow cooker, washing machine, coffee machine etc via his phone- sayyy what?? Crazy crazy the way technology is these days!

    • Katrina (author)

      How clever and cool! Love it!

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