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Carly & Leighton were runners-up on Reno Rumble

Even though Carly and Leighton weren’t the winners last night on Reno Rumble, I still LOVED their style! It was tops!

Here are all the pictures…
CL_wk6_terrace015_057(2) CL_wk6_terrace013_055 CL_wk6_terrace009_051 CL_wk6_terrace001_043(2) CL_wk6_terrace000_205(2) CL_wk6_study036_105(2) CL_wk6_study010_208(2) CL_wk6_study000_108(2) CL_wk6_kitchen041_041CL_wk6_kitchen032_032 CL_wk6_kitchen012_012 CL_wk6_kitchen007_007(2) CL_wk6_kitchen006_006 CL_wk6_kitchen004_004 CL_wk6_kitchen001_001 CL_wk6_kitchen000_204(2) CL_wk6_bed2006_178 CL_wk6_bed2005_177CL_wk6_bed011_149 CL_wk6_bed006_145 CL_wk6_bed002_141(2) CL_wk6_bed000_139(2) CL_wk6_bath026_134(2) CL_wk6_bath004_112(2) CL_wk6_bath002_110 CA_wk6_terrace039_220 CA_wk6_terrace038_219CA_wk6_terrace037_218(2) CA_wk6_terrace036_240 CA_wk6_living027_235(2) CA_wk6_living025_233(2) CA_wk6_living003_146(2) CA_wk6_living001_142 CA_wk6_living000_116(2) CA_wk6_hall_laundry008_060 CA_wk6_hall_laundry005_047 CA_wk6_hall_laundry001_013

What do you think? Did you have a favourite room?

See winners Jess & Ayden here too.


  • WAM Home Decor

    The kitchen and outdoor area are so beautiful you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! Love the textured cushions and throws in the living room, it’s absolutely what you need this time of year, and to add some extra depth to a neutral space. Gorgeous results!

  • Catherine

    I loved their outdoor space – I’d love to do something similar down the side of my house.

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