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Hi there! Today I am talking about that dreaded messy part of your home – the garage! It’s a tip isn’t it? Yes, mine is too! I can never ever get it looking neat and clean. It’s usually the least looked after part of the home. I do get on Pinterest every now and then and drool over how amazing and clever some people are with their storage ideas! All those shelves and brackets and hanging things… sigh.

This is not my garage below, but gee it would be awesome to train my children to put all the balls back in one spot!


Or what about these bikes!


And the tools!? Amazing!



How’s your garage looking? Need a little spruce up? Does it need something to make life easier?

Well, today I wanted to share with you a new product I was offered to review… It’s an automatic garage door opener which was fixed to an already existing garage door. We have a 3 car garage (the double door already had an automatic lifter), but we didn’t have one on the third door because it is just for our boat. But now that a new one has been installed it’s making things very easy around here!

The product is a Merlin Automatic Garage Door Opener and was installed in my home by John from John’s Doors & Gates from Wagga.



We chatted, I watched and I was impressed at how quick he had it up and running. My model is the Merlin WhisperDrive – which can be used on sectional doors. It’s very quiet and speedy! It also comes with an external pin panel so if you forget the remote you can access it from outside your house. Who knew garage doors could be so fancy and organised?? Remember, I live in a house FULL of males, so when my family got hold of the remote this door went up and down 100 times with great satisfaction on their faces! Haha. BOYS!

So, as you can see you can add a garage door opener to any existing garage door. It wasn’t difficult to install and it’s not expensive. Most people don’t know where to start, and would most likely not automate their garage door at all because of this confusion.

To solve this problem, Merlin is launching a competition which will give people a chance to win 1 of 20 fully installed automatic garage door openers (each prize valued up to $899!). Just pop over here to their site to enter*. It’s so easy!

For those who want to experience the benefits of an automated garage door straight away,  you can enquire immediately to enjoy up to $250 off the recommended retail price!

Maybe you’ll get stuck in to organising your garage this weekend?

*competition closes 25th May, 2104.


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