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Boys bedrooms – I have 3 of them to decorate!

As my new house kicks off, I have been thinking about the boy’s bedrooms. There are 3 of them for me to decorate (I’ve missed talking about interiors over here on my blog!).

I’ve been looking for some inspiration and I can tell you I am feeling flat. I am totally uninspired. Girls rooms look so much easier…

So when we move in I’ll have an 11 year old, 8 year old and 6 year old. They’re not babies and I don’t do themes, so I’ve been looking for some ideas. I’m failing. Things are too cute, too themed or too babyish.

There is a definite niche there. Someone needs to go in to boys bedrooms! Maybe I should!

I could draw a little inspiration from the pictures below though…

[Click on the images for their sources]

I loved the orange, the black and the pallets. This could work for my eldest. But not wall stickers.

Again, the orange and the black. A bit of pattern. Nothing too cute here which is good.

My middle one could have a few stripes. Don’t like the nautical for him though.

I loved these globes as lights. So cool and so easy to make!

Loved this chest of draws for my youngest. Don’t mind a bit of the Union Jack look. It’s everywhere at the moment.

Now this is pretty cool. Would love a shelf/display like that for my middle child. His eyes popped when I showed him this picture. He loves his Lego!

Love the graffiti look. My eldest would like this. A touch of punk would work well for him. I’d probably do black, yellow, orange bedding (maybe) and then set it off with huge graffiti artwork. Now, how the heck do I get my hands on these!?

They all want a coloured Tolix reproduction chair. I’m hoping to build a desk area in to their rooms for each of them.

I am a real lover of ‘Industrial’ so I think this style would work well for my boys. It’s just a matter of finding the stuff. And I don’t have thousands of dollars to do it! All on a budget. Plus I’m Wagga, so I have to source what I can here or online.

I’ll start on their bedlinen first and then go from there.

A spash of orange (loving this colour right now!).

My eldest also asked me for one of these deer heads. I like the coloured glossy ones too.

I also love the industrial numbers. So a collection of these as a wall display would be very cool for one of the boys…

Ok, time to get hunting Katrina!

[update: here are some makeovers I recently did on my boys’ rooms!]