I bought some ekoWorx (Koh) and here’s what I think…

My Facebook is always swamped with ads and promos for this ekoWorx cleaning product. I am a sucker for stuff like this, and it was 40% off a pack just before Christmas so I thought I’ll buy some and see what all the fuss is about.

I paid for these goodies, not sponsored and this is my honest opinion…

So you get 3 main items in the pack – the solution which you pour directly in to the spray bottle, microfiber cloths and a diamond sponge (which is like a sandpaper block). I watched some of their YouTube videos so I knew how to use them all properly.

The main reason people seem to buy this product is for windows, shower screens and ovens. Am I right?

I got to work instantly on a window. I sprayed directly on the window and used a dry cloth as per their instructions. BAM. Cleanest window I’ve ever seen! I then got excited and started on some mirrors. Again, AWESOME.

The next day I decided to tackle the shower. NOTE – the videos say you must have a dry shower to start with, and you must be realistic with this product – if you have baked on, built up over time calcium scum, then it’s probably not going to instantly transform the shower screen to brand new. Also, I don’t actually have shower screens, just tiles, but still the same difficulties as everyone else with shower scum. I was a bit funny about the dry shower thingy. It was weird because I am used to jiff and spray bottles and wet sponges. Anyhoo, I sprayed some areas with the ekoWorx and used the diamond sponge to scrub…. The jury is still out on this. I felt the sponge was a little abrasive and I had to be careful. I also felt that I was using a fair bit of product because the shower was dry and was a big area. It definitely did clean the tiles, but I wasn’t blown away.

Next I went to the inside of my oven door. It was grotty. I actually wiped it with a wet sponge to start with to remove a lot of the residue. Yucky. Then proceeded with the diamond sponge and spray and yes it came up a treat!

I then moved on to stainless steel (specifically my cook-top), and nope, I didn’t like it. It was streaky and no good.


  • A big yes for windows, mirrors and even pool glass.
  • I would say that I still need a wet sponge and harsher product for my shower here and there.
  • ekoWorx is most definitely a maintenance product (just my opinion). I think that once you get those showers and oven clean, you will then love using the ekoWorx to keep on top of your cleaning.
  • I won’t use for toilet cleaning (because dry cloth!).
  • The product has no smell at all. So sometimes I still want a bit of something on my kitchen bench-tops (add essential oils though). Plus, a dry cloth on kitchen counters sometimes just doesn’t seem right.
  • I have not tried it on my floors yet because I didn’t buy the mop. Maybe I will give that a go? Have you mopped?
  • I still think a little bit of baby oil on stainless steel is the best cleaning hack you’ll ever try.
  • It’s great for spot cleaning like marks on your walls, powerpoints or door handles.

That’s what I think! I’d love to hear what your opinion is?

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♥ KC.


  • Olivia Jean

    I’ve not seen or heard of this product.
    Is it comparable to Enjo??

    • Katrina Chambers

      Enjo is just cloths with water and you use them mostly wet. I do like Enjo because I like a wet microfiber cloth. ekoWorx uses a product with a dry cloth. So bit different.

  • Tanya Marshall

    That’s a great review thank you. Showers would have been my main reason for buying but shall give it a miss

  • Shel Bird

    Totally agree! Love the results on my glass shower screen and my windows- but dry cloth is a little hard to get used too.
    I still haven’t used the Diamond pads – they seem too abrasive and that makes me nervous!!!

    • Helen Carr

      Wet them with some of the solution before using.

  • Helen Carr

    Great product, I’ve had nothing but a positive experience…and I’ve used it on everything. I’ve never been able to get a clear result with my laminated windows but one wipe with ekoworx left my window over my kitchen sink clean, clear & no streaks ( there was celebrating )

  • Tracey N Peter Gray

    I love ekoworx
    For stainless steel I have found you only need a really fine mist or else it does become streaky

  • Gabby H

    I also love it, big yes for oven, I used it a few times and my oven is back to its original condition. I find it great on the stainless steel fridge, BBQ and range hood. Not so good in the bathroom but worked on the mirrors and screen doors once I’d cleaned them. Def a product worth having.

  • Narelle Cooper

    This product is Amazing… my shower screen came up clean n clear, my glass splash back was streak free. I tried it on my stainless steel appliances and with an effortless wipe came up streak free as well. I’m super impressed so far. I only brought the cleaner not the clothes.

  • Kate Evans

    I love it! I have had no issues with stainless steel, I only use a tiny bit, I think too much product might make it streaky! Best cleaning product ever. I use it to mop my timber floors and it’s the best!

  • Helen Haddow

    Hi Katrina
    I have been using the eKoWorx cleaning products for a while now and have had the same results as you write on your blog. I find I have to scrub my showers first with Jif, wipe them dry and then finish with the eKoWorx spray, for the best result.
    I have used the mop, on tiled and timber floors, but preferred to use my usual cleaner. Mainly because, like you I like a fresh pretty smell after I mop and the eKoWorx product doesn’t. But it does the job ok! I really like using the spray on my kitchen cupboards and benchtops and love it for mirrors, and taps.

  • Mandy Moncrieff

    I use ekoworx and Norwex together! I’m use to wet cloths too. So I spray ekoworx on my bench’s and wipe with a damp norwex cloth. Love it on glass and shower screens. Also cleaned the grout in my floor tiles with it. Love it!

  • Sam Chrzczonowicz

    I love it too especially the mop because it’s so easy to use. I founf the no smell part difficult to get used to because I like the smell of a clean bathroom. I put eucalyptus oil in mine and that helps.

  • Rebecca Hendricks

    I love this stuff! I use it everywhere. I love that it has no scent because those cleaners with a scent are so bad for your health. The mop works wonders, I would definitely recommend it. Even used it on my jewellery and it sparkled like new afterwards.

    • Nicole 'Ryan' Russell

      Rebecca Hendricks Interesting review as I just said the same to Kate Dillon about how it wasn’t great in my shower but I loved it for cleaning the kids chairs and getting stains off the benchtops. Mop is great but I wonder if that has more to do with the mop itself than the actual product as I not sure I should use it on our waterbased floors? Yet to try oven but keen based on the great reviews

  • Ange McThiso

    I’m glad you posted this the ads are everywhere!

  • Cheryl Lucas

    I love it on stainless steel I just use the micro cloth not streaky at all .

  • Cristy O'Brien

    I love ekoWorx because it’s one product that does it all and does it all well! I add a few drops of lemon essential oil in the spray to give it a refreshing scent and use it everywhere for everything. I was hesitant to buy it initially coz it was a Facebook ad but it’s now the only cleaning product in my house beside dishwashing detergent and washing powder.

  • Kristan

    I brought the equivalent mop from Bunnings (I am cheap and it was only $15). It works great as a floor cleaner for in between cleans. I still prefer my enjo mop for the big clean but this is great for a quick clean when needed.

  • Alison

    Thanks for the review! I find CLR is by far the best at cleaning my big 2.7 metre windows. They get bore water from the sprinklers sprayed on them so we need something with a bit of oomph!

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