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Before & After Living Room

I just love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a DIY renovation project. There’s nothing quite like taking a space that’s in need of a little TLC and turning it into something beautiful and functional. Whether it’s a simple paint job or a full room re-do, the process of bringing a space back to life is incredibly satisfying.

What I love most about DIY renovating is the ability to personalise and add my own unique touch to a space. Instead of hiring a people and having to work within their limitations, I can let my imagination run wild and create something that truly reflects my personal style and tastes. Plus, I find the process of researching, planning, and problem-solving to be really enjoyable, and it’s a great way to learn new skills and gain confidence in my abilities.

I’ve got so many before + after shots to share with you! I was going through my phone yesterday and couldn’t believe how far I’ve come with this house. The after shots are almost done. Just painting some skirting boards and architraves this week and then I should be ready to show you lots.

I’ve been busy putting down all the things I know about renovating in some eBooks so I can help you! They are here. Go check them out.

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