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Are you using PRESETS for your social media photos?

Instagram is getting very competitive and a good looking feed really counts! I am no expert at this and I take pretty basic photos, but a fancy “preset” (or filter) over the top can really transform your feed. I can’t add a photo to Instagram without one now. They are addictive!

I’ve discovered a lot of places where you can buy cheap presets, add them to your phone and off you go.

There are so many bundles you can buy out there!

A quick run down on how they actually work –

  • Download the FREE Lightroom app (this one) to your phone.
  • Buy a bundle (using your phone). Below I have some shops and styles I like.
  • The shop will send you a link to the presets to download. Those presets will go in to the Lightroom app.
  • The shop will send you a tutorial on how to get them on your phone and inside that Lightroom app (watch the tutorial they send you on your computer while you are downloading the presets to your phone!). It’s so important you watch those tutorials, because it can be tricky.

TIPS – Always, always take your photos on your normal iPhone camera so they save to your camera roll. You’re not going to edit photos in your Instagram, or using your iPhone built in settings anymore. You will take a photo, then ADD it to your Lightroom app, THEN use the presets you’ve just downloaded to edit your photo, then save it back to your camera roll. Then upload that to your Instagram. Make sense?

Where to SHOP for presets >>

L&A – Light and Airy Photog was the first bundle I bought and it’s actually the one I use the most. It really has all I need so if you’re just starting out, you’ll be happy with this one. It has a variety of filters inside the one bundle.

JBC – Jana Bishop Collection has specific bundles with tones. So you’re buying a cream tones, white tones, blue tones all in the one bundle. I like the Blush and Lifestyle.

Wilde – Bright & Clean are the perfect filters for everyday use.

PS. Also, make sure you also make sure your Instagram stories look just as good as your grid!

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