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Are you a modular or a singular couch fan?

I was going to give you a house update today like I do every Wednesday, but there really isn’t that much to show you. They’ve been straightening the frame and doing their thing with that to prepare it for the roof trusses. Yesterday there was one truss… so it’s happening! They’ve packed out the window frames, so hopefully it all just falls in to place in the next couple of weeks. We are banking on lock-up before Christmas!  Next week I’ll be back with more to show you…

So today I thought I’d ask you about couches/lounges (whatever you prefer to call them).

Are you a modular…?

Or are you a singular…?

I’m a bit of a modular fan (or 2 symmetrical singulars). I’m not very good with the 3 seater and chairs. I am never happy with their placement and I like things to match.

I’m the market for a new couch and I’d like it to be modular.

Then this begs the question – leather of fabric?

I’ve never had a leather lounge. I am never sure which colour I like.

So which one are you? Modular, singular, leather or fabric? And which combo?

(All picture are from Houzz).

Have a great day!

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  • Deanne

    I would love to go the modular route but can’t due to the way our lounge room layout is. I love slip covers that can be washed, but I have never had leather, so can’t really comment except to say that some people like it and others don’t!

  • Brismod

    I like both. Those modulars are comfy for watching tv. My dream though would be to get a Danish leather sofa and two Featherston tv chairs if money was no object. xx

  • Jode

    I don’t doubt that your three aren’t too different from my three!
    No need to insert names. e.g.. little pigs, grotty, dirty, smelly boys! hahah
    We have had both types of lounges, leather & fabric, we are ready to throw our fabric lounge on the bonfire! Never again, or at least wait until they have all moved out!
    We just went and purchased a new leather lounge in the pre-christmas sales! Hopefully it arrives by the time we need something to sit on? Just wipe it down and you’re done! I did purchase the “fabric safe” treatment just to be safe!
    Dosen’t mean that the boys become any cleaner, there’s just no evidence of their mess all over the lounge!

    Haha boys!

    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  • Clare

    Definately a modular girl……with lots of cushions and space to stretch out 😉

  • Becs

    Modular, definitely. King Furniture truly truly are worth the cash. We got fabric, and had it ‘King Guarded’ in the factory (like scotch guard), which is amazing, you can spill coffee on our beige fabric couch and IT BEADS OFF. No soaking, no staining. Love it!

    • Megs

      I agree – Kings Furniture is absolutely fabulous. Wonderful with kids too!

  • Kira

    We have a modular black leather couch which I love. Modular in general is my favourite – or like you two singular but they have to match. They do look reallly good in a more formal type sitting room.

  • Something Gorgeous

    I have just spent months researching this very question. I have a leather modular and I love it but it is past it’s used by date and I need to update. After extremely careful consideration I have bought a brown leather 3 seater, not because I don’t like the modular, I just thought I’d have a change. My old modular was white leather, a stupid idea when you have 3 kids. It never looked clean and for the last 8 years I have been constantly cleaning it, which believe me is not much fun. This time I’ve gone for a brown leather. I really wouldn’t have fabric because my children do eat snacks on the lounge in front of TV, I never got the hang of making them always eat their food at the table. So I’m hoping my new lounge is perfect, It arrives in February so unfortunately won’t have it for Christmas. Just hope it is worth the wait. xT

    • Katrina (author)

      I can’t wait to see it then. I can’t make my kids sit and be neat and tidy either. It’s too hard!

  • Danielle

    I’m a modular girl but I’m seriously thinking of switching to singles to spice it up next time we move.

  • Emily

    Singular all the way, baby. I hate craning my neck around to talk to my friends if we’re all seated on a modular couch. I’d rather face them on two three-seater couches (with a few singles scattered around, too.) And our three-seater couches are long enough to stretch out on.

    And leather all the way, baby. So much easier to clean the kiddy mess off!

  • B is building a house

    I’ve come to a conclusion that

    Singular ones work best in formal rooms, where you sit with your guests (sitting in the corner of a modular sofa is awkward if you don’t want to rub legs with your guests).

    Modular leather ones work best in family rooms, where just your family will spend time… Laying down on a sofa if NOT facing the tv drives me insane, and hurts my eyes and neck. So if you like to lay down nothing beats a modular 🙂

    I’ve been in the market for a new leather modular for our family room, but finding a great quality one, in the colour that I like and at a reasonable price has been extremely difficult 🙁

    Good luck! Look forward to hearing what you decide on 🙂


  • Chantelle

    Love the showroom look of singular lounges but as I love my kids snuggling up on lounge at 7.30pm every night to watch tv with me so it has to be modular for me !

  • Michelle

    Leather Module all the way baby! When I renovated my living room I treated myself to a new leather module and 2.5 seater. The module is great because you can sit facing the tv with your legs up while someone else is on the other end laying down – you cant do that on a 2/3 seater! I got mine in a chocolate brown leather which almost looks black but with a bit more warmth to it. Bay leather republic gave us a great deal and 2 years on they are still soft and have worn well 🙂

  • Emily

    We went from singular/fabric to modular/leather about a year ago. Love the space of the modular and love the leather. I thought it would feel cold to sit on but it doesnt. I still lay down on it and it’s cosy and it is so great to clean. It’s so much easier to keep clean than fabric and doesnt get those stinky kids smells that fabric does 🙂

  • Casey

    We have a furniture business so I’ve been a bit spoiled and have had lots of combinations over the years! But I think it all depends on the room. Our kids rumpus has a modular, we have a theatre recliner suite and I am having a 2 sweater and 3 seater for the living room in our new house. As long as its comfy I say!!
    Ps- If you are looking for new lounge suites, look us up! 😉

  • Kek

    Both! I have a modular in the family room – gorgeous warm white leather. (I KNOW! I had to wait for the boys to grow up to get that. Can you imagine white leather in your house? O_O ) And then we have the three-seater and two chairs in the lounge. I’m going to swap our sad old navy couch for a new one in off-white linen ASAP – and then nobody will be allowed to sit on it. LOL

  • KL

    I think it depends on the room size / layout and the home style mostly, then how long you plan to ‘stay put’! Singular lounges are easier to reconfigure if you move whilst modulars are restrictive by their size or layout. Having had both fabric & leather lounges, I prefer fabric for comfort. Removable, washable covers are perfect if you like plain, lighter colours in your decor. It’s such a huge decision this one and very subjective! Good luck! x KL

  • Michelle Hayward

    Lord I need a new couch… kids have trashed ours… dinner in front of the tele despite being a NO NO still happens…grrr! Anyway, I’m a modular chick because I love to stretch out and get comfy! I love a big couch! But I am a fan of singular in a sitting room or more formal area where you welcome guests of visitors. And I do like the look. I was tossing up replacing my modular with singles but I bet I won’t be able to bring myself to do it!

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