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A DIY project in planning

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Masters.

I have a lounge room in my house which is very unfinished. You know… the budget and indecisiveness went hand in hand… But we’ve been here 12 months and it’s time to get a wriggle on with these projects!

I have wanted to put 2 floating shelves under the tv for a while. I had 2 cupboards (for storage and aesthetics because it’s a long wall) built in this room and put the tv on the wall, with the idea that 2 shelves underneath would allow me to put pretty things on it. The tv is big so my boys do love playing the xbox in there and I wanted to accommodate that.

Then all of a sudden Masters approached me and asked if I had any DIY projects I could do? Of course I did! So I started planing and scheming on how I could make these shelves work (and float seamlessly). It also had to be a project that my husband I could do on our own.

Pinterest came in handy and set me on the right path… This is the plan…



{It’s in desperate need of some styling!}

We’ve decided to build a frame, attach it to the battens and plaster the frame (square set). I had my builder do this in another part of my home when we built it, so I knew it was doable. The tv cords will go in the wall cavity (I did have a power-point put down low in anticipation of these shelves).

Masters is Australia’s fastest growing hardware store and it’s rather HUGE here in Wagga. I don’t mind spending a few hours in there! So, I set off to Masters on my own taking photos. The photos are a good guide to look back on and see the sizing of the materials. I returned with a plan, chatted about it with my husband and then we both went back to Masters. A lovely guy there confirmed our plan. The discussion was over what material to use on the top and front of the frame we were going to make. You could always do something like this and this. But the problems we would be facing is joining material together as it’s not long enough, plus the weight. So plaster it is!


Stay tuned… This project is already under way. Hopefully it all comes together and I’ll be sharing the finished product next week. I’ll be on Instagram sharing the progress!

Do you have any DIY projects happening at your house? Maybe you could build some shelves too after I show you how I did it?


  • Dream House Trish

    It sounds great, cant wait to see the end result. There is often an xbox on the floor in my house to!!!

  • KL

    Love your idea!

  • Jen

    I look forward to seeing it finished! I’ve always wanted to put new shelving up in my house, but I haven’t been brave enough to attempt it! 🙂

  • Naomi Smith

    Don’t I know it we’ve been in our house almost 12 mths and our ranch style front verandah in rotten! I’ve recently re entered the work force 2 days a week so this is my aim!

  • Felicity Bezer

    It’s your ‘can do’ attitude combined with your excellent design eye that sets you apart K. Can’t wait to see the finale!

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