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I’ve found a new online homewares shop and I have to share it with you! It’s called Resident GP and it’s bursting at the seams with gorgeous goodies for your home.

Resident GP is very passionate about finding independent designers and handmade goods from around the world. They’re all about bucking the trend of mass produced items and want to bring back the passion and craftsmanship of good design alongside new technologies.

Resident GP is BIG on customer service and they’re always at the end of a telephone line or email if anyone has any questions about a product or how to style their homes (oh yes – advice at your finger tips!).

At Resident GP they believe that one’s home should reflect their individuality and personality. Because of this, they’ve developed a shop that strives to offer customers a carefully curated selection of items for the home.

WHO ARE THEY? A note from the owners…

“We’re Gabi and Pawel, a young (we like to think so anyway) couple based in Melbourne, Australia. Resident GP is fuelled by our love of design and craftsmanship and wanting to share our discoveries with anyone who is intrigued by unique and special goods for the home.

Our backgrounds are varied but we both have an intense love for design. Pawel is an engineer who has a high regard for all things practical and functional. Gabi studied architecture and has worked within the furniture and homeware industry for many years. She’s not so practical and tends to get carried away with the creative side of things.

The name Resident GP was established as a union of our desire to help resolve your home décor and styling ailments along with the brains and brawn (Pawel’s also good at lifting boxes) behind this adventure… G & P.

We want customers to feel free to contact us with any dilemma, questions or styling issues that you may have.
We’re always at the end of a telephone line or email. :)”

There was a time when people commissioned a local maker or craftsman to make an object which gave it an inherent value. A lot of products these days are now seen as “throw-away” as they are made on a mass scale. Resident GP aims to bridge the gap between these vastly different worlds. In order to achieve this, they set out on a global search for passionate, independent designers and makers whose craft and ideas meant everything to them. From textile artisans in remote Mexico to ceramicists in Slovakia, Gabi and Pawel hope to showcase some beautiful, unique homewares that will help define your home.

After a bit of time stalking and drooling over their site I have picked my 9 favourite things. I am LOVING the pallet pendant light (you must see the other colours in stock too!) and the rope bowls. Just divine!

Here’s where you can find the images in the picture.

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Sponsored today by Resident GP.

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