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9 items for a perfect workspace

Who is getting busy from home? I’m all set up here and am officially working from home. For how long, who even knows! I’m lucky my actual day job allows me to do that (Marketing Manager at a Real Estate Company, and boy haven’t we been busy with the changes!).

Anyhoo, I’ve also written a blog post on some tips when trying to work from home (I know, now throw home schooling in there and we’ve got some crazy times!).

But if you’re trying to sort out a space for you to set up your little home office then here’s 9 items you need to add…

  1. A plant or multiple plants. They clean the air and keep the space feeling fresh.
  2. Analogue clock. So you can turn your phone off if needed.
  3. Stress ball. If you find yourself fiddling lots (or picking your phone up and down all the time), then use a stress ball instead.
  4. Headphones. Or airpods. I walk around mine all day long. I listen to music, or podcasts, or chat with my work colleagues.
  5. Sticky notes. So you can quickly jot things down.
  6. Flowers. Make your space look pretty and you’ll enjoy sitting there more often.
  7. A comfy chair. That’s a given.
  8. A cool mouse pad. Add your own personality.
  9. Fresh scents. Use pure fragrances. Don’t use candles and the like with artificial smells that will only give you a headache.

♥ KC.

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  • Tina

    I can’t work in a messy, unclean or disorganised space so always make a point to tidy and clean my home office (which is a converted bedroom) before leaving it each day. Even if it’s 1am by the time I finish, I clean it so it’s ready for my next day’s work.

    It might just be a mind over matter thing, but I’ve found I’m more successful since developing that habit.

    I also place a couple of drops of essential oil on my vacuum cleaner’s filter so when I vacuum my space, it smells pleasant.

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