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8 things I don’t have time for

Here’s a few fun facts today! Are there things you just don’t have time to do?? You’d like to do them, but just know you’ll never get around to being so diligent and disciplined? Here are 8 things I just don’t have time for…

1. I don’t have time to properly sort my laundry

Oh the horror! If I pick up all the clothes from the bathroom floor and there is a towel in there, or a white t-shirt, I don’t bat an eyelid, I just throw it all in the machine. I don’t have time to be fussy. It’s lucky to get done. Better done than not, right?? RIGHT? 😉

2. I don’t have time to wash, cleanse and whatever my face

I do try really hard with this, but I can easily ignore my face and skin. I am guilty of a quick shower cleanse, then slap on moisturiser and that’s all in the evenings. I’m too tired most days for a proper cleanse, eye creams, serums, or whatever! And I’ve spent some money on the products over the years (hence an overflowing bathroom of creams I will never use!). I am not going to shake that Vitamin C powder in the moisturiser am I? I have good intentions but never stick to it.

3. I don’t have time to drink water

I do drink water, I’ll say that. But I don’t have time to think whether I’ve had the recommended 1L, 3L or 8 cups or whatever. There’s not enough space in my brain to compute these figures.

4. I don’t have time to wait for things to load

I don’t have the patience to wait for images/videos to load on my phone. I just flick that straight off. You’re with me on that aren’t you?? 😉 And I find this very ironic because often I can’t get my own blog right here to load (and you probably can’t either sometimes) haha!

5. I don’t have time to take supplements

Oh and I have LOTS of these in my cupboard. I am sucker for a natural remedy and I buy everything, but ain’t nobody got time to think about taking them every single day!

6. I don’t have time to wash my hair every day

You don’t either do you? I used to wash every second day, now I’m at every 3rd (or 4th!!!) with the introduction of dry shampoo. What a saviour.

7. I don’t have time to count steps

I love how people are dedicated to this. Me? I can’t even think about it. I would never ever meet the 10,000 steps a day. I’d have myself in a panic and am exhausted already thinking about it. The joys of working at home means I’ll never get that target haha!

8. I don’t have time to buy from the shops

If you can buy from eBay and it’ll be here in 2 days I’d rather do that than head to the shops eg. a new phone cord or headphones.

I’m sure I could think of a few more! How about you?


  • Wendy Brewer

    Lol I am with you on every one of them. I don’t have time to leave the house lol, hence I don’t need clean clothes every day (a sniff and I am good to go with yesterday’s lol )

  • Angela Maynard

    Ive never sorted laundry if there’s enough for a load it all gets shoved in. Never had colours run ever.

  • Nicole Roberts

    Working on myself as in paying more attention to my hair, painting my nails, cool clothes again it all sounds superficial but I’ve been sick for 2 years and these things hurt to do and I miss them.

    • Katrina Chambers

      Not superficial at all. If you feel good it makes all the difference doesn’t it? I hear you x

    • Nicole Roberts

      Katrina Chambers it sure does just little things x

  • Alex McLean

    We have three dirty linen hampers. One for colours one for whites and one for towels and sheets. When they’re full they just get tipped in the wash. Each of the kids have their own dirty basket in their room. Sometimes I wash 2 kids’ baskets together but easy to do one kid’s and then give them the basket of clean stuff back to put away.

  • Jackie Allen

    I don’t have time for ignorance, celebrity nonsense and gossip. Frees up time for wine, cheese, family and friends

  • Kathleen Friedrich

    I was considering carrying a Berka around , as my hair always has paint in it and make up , like your kidding …..
    Just bought tonight a stress supplement , let’s see if I finish the bottle

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