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5 DIY bedhead ideas

Hi there! Today I went searching for some easy DIY bedhead projects for you. Gone are the days of expensive bed frames… Now we are happy with an ensemble and a bedhead to bring the room to life.

I’ve got 5 ideas for you:

  1. Lattice or trellis
  2. Pegboard
  3. Upholstery
  4. Pressed metal
  5. Pallets

Let’s take a look…

Lattice or trellis – how easy and effective does this look?! You can pop to your local hardware store, buy some treated pine lattice, paint it and stack it behind your bed. This one above has a frame around it, but you don’t have to do it that way. Here are 2 more examples with no frame here and here. I’ve seen heaps of patterned outdoor screens at Bunnings too lately. You could paint a couple of those and stack behind your bed too.

Pegboard – I don’t think you’ll get much easier! Just buy a few panels and prop up behind your bed. We’ve seen this idea around many times before, but I still like the look. You don’t have to paint or attached to the wall. Just buy and use! Plus it’s cheap cheap cheap.

Upholstery – this one is a little more DIY intensive. You will need a few supplies and a little bit of handiwork. Here is a tutorial on how to achieve the look from the above picture. There are some good instructions, and if you like the tufted look, then this one is for you!

Pressed metal – this is so cool! I love the look of pressed metal anything actually. I hadn’t thought about it being used in the bedroom like the one above. Click here for a full tutorial on how to make one yourself. It’s not too tricky and the results are fab.

Pallets – the old favourite. I’ve had this image above saved for years and created the exact same look in my son’s bedroom. He’s 14 and we love the rustic rugged look. Here is a picture of his room. I saved a couple of pallets, chopped them up and simply stacked behind his bed.

Have you made your own bedhead? I’d love to see! ♥ KC.

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  • TN

    I’ve seen another cool idea … it’s very simple … just a beautiful velvet curtain, with lots of organza sitting behind to ‘poof’ it up, hanging behind the bed. The railing it is hanging from is concealed, and the width of the curtain is extra-wide … so it’s essentially a square-shape, meaning the bedside tables slot neatly in front of the curtain.

    I don’t have any pictures to show you, but I have seen it (in ‘real life’ in emerald green and deep violet).

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