3 indoor plants you need for 2019

We’re all still going strong with the indoor plant trend – well I am anyway! I have a jungle at home…ha! I am addicted that’s for sure.

In 2019, the theme for indoor plants is ‘bigger the better’. If you can choose mature plants that already stand a metre or more tall for maximum impact in your home you’ll be winning. Make sure you look for rich shades of green, luscious leaves and thick foliage so your greenery doesn’t look sparse. Group them together for maximum impact. The best way to fill that spare corner is with a large group of plants. Affordable and they create impact!

There are some indoor plants I just love the look of, and some I don’t. I’ve tried just about everything too! Lots of unique and interesting plants are popping up on Instagram and Pinterest lately and I’ve been making a mental note so that I can keep a look out. While the Fiddle is still a popular choice, we are going to see less of it (which is a good thing because they are hard work!) and more variety.

Here are 3 hot indoor plants for 2019…



Bring a touch of the tropics indoors with a large Bird-of-paradise plant. Flamboyant and exotic, this plant will command attention from all that see it. Positioned in a well-lit area, the bird-of-paradise tree will grow quite large indoors. Group them in varying sizes.


Umbrella tree

If you’re sick of trying to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive, then toss it and start again with an umbrella tree. They are much easier to look after and will give the same vibe with their lush leaves and height. It needs medium light and doesn’t like to be too wet (so less watering!). It will also clean the air for you.


Boston fern

The Boston fern is attractive with its long fronds and tiny leaves. It grows big and tall, therefore it makes an excellent hanging plant or in a plant stand. It does need good light, kept well watered and the leaves misted every now and then. It will grow towards the light so spin it around often. You can chop off any brown undergrowth to keep it fresh.

♥ KC.

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