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2016 decorating trends you need to know about

Some of the decorating trends creeping in to our homes at the moment will be set to get even bigger next year.

Here are the 5 decorating trends you need to know about for 2016…


I didn’t think I’d be happy to see the 90’s again, but here we go again with the floral. I am warming to it! Especially the photo below where the wallpaper is mixed with the leather and hide. If you’re not game enough to introduce large amounts of floral, then a chair or cushion would be tops. Freedom have some cool floral chairs at the moment.







The colour grey is slipping away and it’s being replaced by anything navy. The navy looks great against pops of colour and still mixes in with all the gold/copper craze. I have a couch (which I’ve had for years) which sometimes looks navy (although when I bought it the ticket said charcoal), so I am winning in both respects I think! Are you bold enough to have a navy kitchen? If not, dip your toe in with some accents…






We’re going to see the geometric bed linen die off and be replaced with lots of pastels – in greens, pinks, blues and even lilac. Wall colours will also be hit with a bit of pastel.






Bring the outdoors in

We’ve seen a lot of greenery in our homes in 2015, but I think it’s here to stay a little longer. We’ve had the fiddle leaf, succulents, terrariums… but now we’re seeing vines, palms and olive trees.






Ink Prints

A bit of mix between watercolour and tie-dye – this pattern is looking good for 2016. I love the doona cover below. If you’re game enough, check out that wallpaper! It’s really going to make a statement.





There you go! That’s what I think will be happening in the land of design next year.

Do you have any other predictions? I’d love to hear!

♥ KC.



  • Sandi Colyer

    I am struggling to embrace the copper trend…every time I see it I am reminded of 80’s Robinhood Canopy rangehoods!

  • Nat @ This Little Yellow House

    Woo hoo, it is good to know that my new navy walls will be in style 🙂
    I took a risk as I am normally a beige decorator.
    Want to see a sneak peak?
    See them here


  • Maria Stephenson

    I love pretty pastels, I don’t go with the trends, my house is a mixture of pretty light, old second hand furniture. I hate that dark look that is on the block, which I only see from your pictures. I love the Selina Lake styles. Love her books.

  • Wendy J

    Owls, pineapples, deer horns, little birds,are these all off trend ow? And if yes, what’s on trend in terms of Nicnacs and decorator items?

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