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10 Home Office Ideas

I never get tired of looking at home offices. It’s been a BIG dream of mine to have the perfect home office. It will happen soon one day I hope! I’ve built the perfect room for it here in my house, it’s just empty at the moment! Oh, I lied. It has the printer on the floor and the clothes horse is in there full of clothes, plus a few boxes I haven’t unpacked… I use the dining table at the moment! I need money to finish that project, and good things come to those who wait (isn’t that what they say haha!). So in the meantime, I am drawing up, in my mind, what I will have built in there. I want it perfectly symmetrical, with proper cabinetry and 3 work stations. I’ve already got the power points up high and they will sit neatly under the bench. Hopefully soon I will be able to share that project with you! Until then, let’s drool…




















So what did you think? Some of these photos are great for those who don’t have the space for a big office. Just a little desk will do, but the space surrounding is full of fun and meaningful pieces.

Do you have a home office?


  • Chrissie

    I really like them all!! Our home is split over 3 levels, so the office is down stairs and is a dumping ground for shoes (coming in from garage), mini tramp,spare bed……it is the forgotten room of the home…..however it is quite large so id love any of these office ideas…….as its a room never seen, I begrudge spending money to make it look nice!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katrina (author)

      It doesn’t matter if no-one sees it Chrissie! It would make you feel great and creative with a special place 🙂

      • Chrissie

        Mmmm you are right!!!!! One wall is an internal brick wall so the room appears dark……I’ll use your office ideas for some inspiration!!!! Ohhhh gotta love that Pinterest site…’s so inspiring!!! (As are you!)

  • Tahnee Parsakia

    I dream of the perfect home office too – but it won't be happening until we decide where we are going to live forever and am sure it will be built to our needs, just like you have done. Looking forward to seeing progress of yours! x

  • Ness

    I love the white one, with the shelves and computer with the H on it. Dreaming…

  • Samantha Moon

    loveeee the heart image x.

  • Escape to Paradise

    Love them all! I am still working on my ultimate home office too. One day…hopefully sooner rather than later! 🙂 x

  • Helen Jaman

    There is certainly a never ending supply of inspiration around nowadays for a great home office…you have a blank canvas to start with which is exciting !! The world is your oyster 😉
    I renovated mine a couple of years ago and still love it – my desk was custom made with a large drawer that houses my printer – this keeps it all clean and technical equipment packed away…all the power cables and points are hidden. I love seeing the real ‘minimal looks’ that are around however I can’t help but have a pinboard which homes lots of motivation, favourite snaps or things that just make me drift off and smile…I have a couple of shelves that keep some filling (all stored in Kikki K of course) but still struggle with space – story of my life !! I look straight out of a window and am up high so really can not complain ! Good luck with it all – I’m sure it will look amazing and you will love it !! Hx

    • Katrina (author)

      Sounds pretty perfect to me Helen! X

  • Michelle

    Sigh! I would love to have our home office look like one of these instead of the disaster it is!

  • Michelle

    Sigh! I would love to have our home office look like any of these!

  • Amanda

    I’m in the middle here of transforming our old ugly study to a new combined home office and guest room… some of the images above are ones I have in my inspiration folder too… nice light, bright, modern, stylish spaces. I especially love the one above with the pretty wastepaper basket and ‘paint palette’ above the desk… adding that one to my file now! We’ve replace our old ugly office furniture with a nice white desk and bookshelves, with doors on the bottom half to hide all the bits and pieces. A new filing cabinet has gone into the bottom half of our built in wardrobe (such a wasted space with only a hanging rail in there!) and now I’m about to get a carpenter to build shelves in the built-in above the filing cabinet so I can organise all my crafty bits and things I want to store away. Then the fun decorating part can begin. Will look forward to seeing your ideal study take shape! x

    • Katrina (author)

      That sounds great to me! And so much fun! Send me a picture when you’re done Amanda?

  • Yvette Wilson

    Hi Katrina
    I do have a home office. We had an awkward space that I utilised by putting a desk and shelving in from Ikea. It is out of bounds for the whole family and if you touch my Kikki K stapler you die!
    We also have a home office for when my husband works from home. It’s mostly messy in there and unorganised but I don’t care as I have my own special space. I do love the photos of the home offices you put on your blog they look like such lovely home offices.

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahaha I love it! Touch the stapler and you die! I am like that too 😉

  • Jade

    Ohhh I do love a little bit of home office inspo! My favourites are pictures 6, 7, 9 & 10 (but I wouldn’t say no to any of them being in my house honestly!). Right now, my home office is a desk in my bedroom covered in….well….crap actually. But as soon as I hit up Kikki.K or Smiggle for a bit of organising heaven (ahhh, stationery…) It will look AMAZING. I hope.

    • Katrina (author)

      Yes, get into Kikki K! Heavenly. Actually, tomorrow on my blog I am showing some new Martha Stewart products which are great too – avail from Officeworks.

  • annmaree

    love some of these Katrina, any advice on a guest bedroom/home office combo, i have very large bedrooms anything I’ve come across for inspiration focuses more on smaller spaces

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